Frustrated-need a sanctuary to practice my magic!

I recently moved in with my boyfriends family. They are super religious… My bf and I share a bedroom which is right next to the living room, the tv is constantly blasting during the day. I don’t want to use the bedroom as my temple.

I just want a quiet place like a room or SOMETHING of my own so I can practice my magic in peace, without being disturbed. Until we can afford a place of our own, I’m not going to put ofd practicing my magic simply due to circumstances. Any suggestions my fellow magicians?

I’ve thought about searching abandoned buildings ect… seems quite risky though. I’m going to have to get creative here. Again, any suggestions appreciated.

Get some good noise cancelling headphones and grab some binaural beats. I live above a busy street with shops of all kinds and every weekend there is an overly noisy wheeled organ right below my window (Dutch tradition). When I put my headphones on and loaded up the binaural beats the world disappeared. It won’t solve your problem with them being able to see what you’re doing but at least you will be able to meditate and scry or sneakily activate sigils :slight_smile:

Ha. I remember those organs from when I lived in Holland!

Abandoned buildings and roof tops are amazing to work on! The fear helps to induce higher states, and as long as you’re doing your rituals properly no one should bother you. How ever learning to do all the work inside your own head is very beneficial as your body is your true temple. Sit in your favorite asana in a park or the backyard, your just meditating! Or so it will seem. Sinister laughing ensues!!!

Find somewhere outdoors. Maybe buy a bottle of alcohol, some cigars, and keep around extra coins. Then when you need a working, go to a crossroads and petition the spirits there.

I used to have the same problem. I even had to resort to performing the LBRP in the bathroom at times just to get some solitude! Perhaps calling upon a spirit to assist you with your problem or doing some money rituals so you can afford to move out.

Hahaha, your story does ring some bells. Ive chanted/practiced stuff in the bathroom to get some privacy (funny, because at home theres only my kid and I), a haven from his endless "mooooooommm!!!"and he would go, “what are you doing? why are you singing?” lol

If their house is on two levels, you could try using the staircase for things like opening sigils or whatever - I wrote a post about how they’re potentially useful spaces for magick here.

You could search second-hand stores and find a huge boring looking textbook as the cover for anything you’re doing - I used to hide my heavy-metal magazines inside one when I was young and wasn’t supposed to waste money on that stuff. They were thrilled to see me reading scholarly books though!

Other things: astral temple, accessed while you’re listening to binaural stuff or shamanic drumming via headphones (plenty of free MP3s & vids of both online); the energetic Circle and stuff in the O.A.A. lessons; buy a large cheap cotton scarf, write any symbols of your Circle round it in marker pen, then sneak it into the bathroom or wherever.

I had to be sneaky for much of my early life, if I think of anything really good I’ll post it…

Great suggestions and advice all have been given.

You could do all your magick internally via meditation/imagery or Astrally/ Sanctuary.

There is a lot in the above page, it is easy and natural to do as access to Sanctuary is through the eyes of a child- it is through PLAY.

Check the Virtual introduction evening and things to do on a rainy day.

You can access astral temples, soul travel, shapeshift, time travel, scry, perform divination, soul pilot/guide and never be bored again.

Plus you can play with this mostly anywhere, with or without binaural beats/ favourite music. Yes at the bus stop, as a passenger in the car. NOT whilst driving, handling power tools or dangerous equipment.

Luxi, I love the fact your boyfriends super religious parents accept that you can both share a bedroom before marriage. They might accept Meditation and give you peace.

When I was 14, I was experiencing persecution from my RC father. I was a Pagan, and am grateful for Chaos Magic. I took on a glamour as a born again.

All my books were thrown into the dustbin/refuse. Even the non magic ones. I was not even allowed library books unless my dad vetted them. Thankfully he worked Monday to Saturday as he ran a Bookies (Betting Shop). I went to the library to change his books- so I simply found books I knew he would like and that I found interesting. The Almighty if I recall rightly was a very adult book certificate 18 about a man with mistresses who would make the news.

So even though my dad persecuted me, I lost my books and my freedom, it was a temporary thing and ultimately a magical process

This was before the internet (yes, I am that old). My first computer was a ZX81 by local man Sir Clive Sinclair (I lived in a village outside Cambridge).

I magically found books on Christian Mysticism, a beautiful book whose name eludes me. But it talked about Talking to God and Listening to God, by being aware of Nature or Spirit. They even do visualization but its about JC and his life rather than LOA or for manifestation.

Now the fact is I have never seen that book since or found it at Amazon it vanished magically, it enabled me to explain to my dad that meditation was good and Xtian.

I later left home and joined the Royal Air Force, I used music to help me through Basic Training- The Cocteau Twins album ‘Blue Bell Knoll’, and a song by T’Pau “You Give Up”. No option to use magical tools, ritual then. But Internal Magic was possible. I used New Avatar Power during my Trade Training.

some sugested rent a storage.a garage.or rent a litle cabin in a park.most america cities have is for hours/ day.