Frustrated and stuck on this plane

First post in a while, good to be back I guess…

Ok, so the point of this post is fairly simple - I need to get back I to the swing of things.

This has been a TERRIBLE winter for my health. I’ve been sick more often than not and haven’t been practicing my magick. Like, at all. Except for a ritual I was asked to do by the spirit themselves.

And now I’m trying to get back into it because I’m feeling better and my mental focus will be also. Problem is, I’m not feeling it. Anyone who has interacted with me in the past knows my methods are slightly unconventional, but they work very well for me. I don’t usually have trouble at least feeling the spirit I’m working with if not hearing them and getting into that “zone”. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about when I say “zone”.

No real question here, not really asking for help to get back to where I was because I know only practicing will help (and I plan on doing some divination tonight), just maybe some encouragement and shared stories would be nice. It feels like I’m the only one this is happening to. It’s like that episode of Sabrina the teenage witch where she loses her powers - that’s how I feel right now lol.

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