From Lucifer With Love

This was given to me by Lucifer and I’m sharing with you all in honor of the holiday. Bear in mind this is not target specific and so I would not recommend modifying it though you’ll decide what’s best for you.
Darkest Blessings,

Materials Needed:
2 red candles 1 white candle
charged seal of Lucifer
offering of fresh red roses to Lucifer ( you can also add wine with food if you choose)
appropriate music

Choose music that specifically puts you in the mood for “love.” This is probably the most difficult part yet extremely important. It cannot be something that makes you nostalgic or sad or full of lust. Specifically it brings out the amorous feelings you wish to feel and receive. You can begin days before to get yourself into that frame of mind easily and the more often you do the better.

On the night of the ritual take a spirit bath infused with gems and herbs known to draw love. It would be wise to shower first and cleanse to remove any doubt or negativity before the bath. Afterward dress yourself and anoint your forehead and heart with rose oil.

Prepare your space with your seal and offering laid out. Place the candles in the form of a triangle with the white one at the top. Carve his seal into both of the red candles. The white you will anoint with rose oil. The red symbolize yourself and the other person while the white represents Lucifer in the middle. You can listen to the music again if you need to get into that frame of mind again.

Call to Lucifer and invite him into your space. You can chant his enn if you wish but be sure you don’t get lost in a meditation - you want to be bathed in the feeling you are trying to draw to yourself.

Focus on these feelings you wish to manifest. It’s very important not to hold back or deny yourself - he will know. Do not have a specific person in mind as it defeats the purpose of his own hand drawing what you desire to you.

Ask Lucifer:

Lucifer, father of truth and light
Grant me your favor and bring to me my hearts true desire
Gracious one, you are generous with your gifts and knowledge
You know the hearts and minds of all.
Father, I trust your guidance and I look to you for truth.
I open myself now to the blessing of love
Asking you to deliver it by your precious hand
Accept this offering as a show of my gratitude and trust in you.

When your request has manifest its important to leave another offering. Should you buy flowers for your love, keep one out of the dozen and offer it to Lucifer. If you are on the receiving end you will give the most perfect to him as an offering. This is a show of gratitude and acknowledgement of his hand working on your behalf and your recognition of his kindness and love.

Ave Lucifer


Sounds great! I haven’t tried this myself but if Lucifer have it to you it will certainly be powerful!

Sounds useful! I’d like to hear the results it has actually.

Very helpful