From homo sapiens to homo deus

If You’re Struggling With Magick, Consider Creating A Magickal Persona, as you invest yourself in the vision of who you could be if all limitations were removed is self suggestive psychology, the evidence will present itself because we give it existence!
we don’t have to believe. beliefe to me means a wager on the unknown. we have to be sure. otherwise, it’s just pure intent leading no-where. magic is real. there is a way to activate it. a mantra is an affirmation repeated till it’s felt the way it activates the magic. the closer to death, the more authority over the self. lucid dreaming. simulations of things that we are told are impossible. DMT provides a version of it.
and it has nothing to do with receiving help. the only attitude that will have ever gotten you anywhere will always have been the one that said “I need nothing” “I help” or “It is up to me”. such an attitude already knows that it is free to pursue or not whatever it feel so inclined to.
we are as humans our own solar systems. never needed any demon to tell me that. but I’m so damn bored lonely that I will evoke them at least to have fun. their fight is not our own, our history has no relevance to our present. such as the abolishment of slavery. we got the jews and the blacks to remind us of it. if we have any fight left over is the one that brings freedom to our paychecks.
but I believe it’s not even to do with money cause magic makes us immortal, it’s about the meta race of humanity fighting to completely dissolve our weaknesses from dependence and make us immortal so we are no longer tricked with having to work just to live. “the sweat of our own brow”? ¡my ass, we work the load of 10 times our own need! the only thing that will save humanity is an army of metahumans.
but really, would you save a bunch of assholes who fight amongst themselves, cheat each other, even to the death, robbing each other, just over hunger, even rape just over lust. even if you did, that type of shit will go on after saving them.
paranormals have been warned by Hollywood we will be hunted down if we show our faces in action. I don’t believe that to be far from the truth. websites like this one are a chance to band together. at least to help those who help themselves to magic, fuck the rest! the rest will cower and feed those who oppose us.

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Dude when i got that message in the mail,i actually saw a vision of someone copying it and posting it here.

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oh sorry and forgive my ingorance.

I have to say that is a good post,i love these enpowering posts like this.

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This is basically the formulation of the Wod-Self, talked about by Edrid Thorrsons Rune Guild.