From goetia to necromancy

So i really want to start doing necromancy but i dont want to piss off the 9 kings. I am about to do the lake of fire ritual in e.a’s book but some good guidance in PMs to start necromancy would be appreciated how does it differ from goetic practice ive been doing goetic practice since 2003 i think

If i am remembering correctly there are a couple goetic spirits that are good for getting started with necromancy. Cant remember which off the top of my head though.

Bune has helped me with some like connecting with ancestors, she was really sweet as well so try her.

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Nebiros is actually a good goetic demon pertaining to the dead also horus he looks after the dead and funerals

Many different approaches to necromancy, depends on tradition. Afro-Caribbean tradition seems to me like the most effective one.
If you feel like, search for Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold’s work. Looks very promising.
(The Garden of Blood and Bones)

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If you want to get into necromancy, you don’t start by calling on the Lwa or evoking demons. Start by developing a relationship with your ancestors by making a shrine to them and giving them offerings.


There are many different necromantic traditions, this is true. But the overarching general initiation is the establishment of an ancestral relationship. That’s how we do it in Vodun as well as in the Norse. I think the OP should be the one to decide how they take a step into the world of death. There are indeed many ways to make that leap.

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I agree with @FraterMagni, there are several benefits with honoring and working with the ancestors. For example when you’re cursed they’ll take on the attack for you until you can remove it yourself.

They’re tied to this realm, they have quite the pull, regardless of whether they’re sorcerers. They can also get involved into the occult post mortem.


Another practical reason to start with ancestral relationships is that it can get your body and soul used to the death energy. It can be trying to just jump in.

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Agreed on the meditation.[quote=“TheStorm, post:11, topic:18752”]
I’ve found that actual Spirits of Death can do all of that and more.

That’s YOUR experience. Ours, as previously stated is different. Why not both? After all it is the OP’s path.
Now then, as a not specific to the op, I suggest the following spirits to teach you. Myself, Hekate, Morrigan, Hades, Bune, Lucifer (before anyone interjects yes he fucking can), Nergal, Nyaralathotep, Mordiggian, Ereshkigal, Kherty, Anubis, Persephone, and more.

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With all due respect, it’s not necessary for me to hear what they have to say.


Odin, Hel are some others

@TheStorm Im curious about the death meditation i have felt the energy of death in people its quite powerful if anyone like yourself knows the death meditation i will try it. And it will be a good start to this path there also are good goetic demons who are familiar with death anubis nergal chiron lucifer is good although despite being a demonic sorcerer i dont work with lucifer that much. I was told by belial recently that i am weak. However trying to become more powerful the demonic kings im only speaking with belial. In all truth. Azazel guided me to him so i believe that belial stayed and azazel left once i gave a pact to belial. But i still have been having this overwhelming feeling of weakness.

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Maybe it’s because he doesn’t see enough warrior in you.

@Aiden_Crow if you could pm me details of your complete lists of known death gods and their attributes strengths weakness’s etc. I would greatly appreciated a starting point. Plus a direction of induction to the death current would be most helpful

So my interpretation would be void meditation from my practice its basically the theta gamma harmony quieting of the mind to access to more potent godself

Well that is a lement response. Going off my words i think he means something deeper. I have been preparing the gatekeeper ritual. The timing is not right though.

Ah wonderful. So i have a tool i can base it off of. Although i am feeling there is more to your meditation on death. Pm me details if you will my friend

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Fair enough. I can always ask guidance from anubis or nergal

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