From Full Moon to Full Moon, a Commentary of Celestial Events: October 5th, 2017 - November 4th, 2017

On Tuesday, October 10th, 2017: Jupiter enters Scorpio.

Jupiter is about success and prosperity, and Scorpio is about transformation and power. So, this season will bring forward the deep dark things you keep away, and you will be successful in sublimating them to become positive aspects of your psyche, for good.

It’s a great time to do transformation magic. It’s a Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars, and Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio, so this is an auspicious time for some Martian magic to gain energy, power, and for clearing things that block your path, things that use the raw power and passion of Mars to help accomplish the transformation of Jupiter in Scorpio in your life.

Tarot Cards: The Wheel (Jupiter), Death (Scorpio), The Tower (Mars)

On Saturday, October 14th, 2017: Venus enters Libra.

Venus rules Libra, and so having a planet enter it’s domicile is nice. Venus and Libra are both about harmony and affections, and so things are going to become more harmonious with couples, friends are going to get along better, now is the time of interpersonal communication.

This is a great time to do love spells, spells that increase your attractiveness, and spells of harmony and balance. This is a Saturday, so that means it will be ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and practicality. Be creative and use Saturn’s ability to place a limit on people’s negative opinion about you, and to use Saturnian energy to help empower you to take practical steps to increase your attractiveness.

Tarot Cards: The Empress (Venus), Justice (Libra), The World (Saturn)

On Tuesday, October 17th, 2017: Mercury enters Scorpio.

Mercury is about communication and thoughts, and Scorpio is that transformation via it’s ruler, Pluto. This is a great time to spend time in introspection. Mercury in Scorpio is a time to reconsider your personal truths, eliminating those beliefs that hinder you while allowing to prosper those that guide you toward you goals.

This is a great time for spells to create a change of mind, and since Tuesday is ruled by Mars, and Mars co-rules Scorpio. You can channel the power and the force of Mars to direct your thoughts to a particular destination. Be that ascent, or getting around to finally sticking to a workout routine.

Tarot Cards: The Magician (Mercury), Death (Scorpio), The Tower (Mars)

On Sunday, October 22nd, 2017: Mars enters Libra.

Mars is about power and energy and Libra is about harmony and interpersonal relationships. This period of time has Mars diffusing its energy to push the self forward into a desire to push others forward.

This is a great time for any positive and beneficial magic on behalf of others, but not the self. Sunday is ruled by Sol which is all about ego and the self. So, use solar energy to empower those around you that they may act ever more true according to their dharma.

Tarot Cards: The Tower (Mars), Justice (Libra), The Sun (Sol)

On Monday, October 23rd, 2017: Sol enters Scorpio.

Sol is about ego and the self, and Scorpio is about transformation. And so, the combination of Sol entering Scorpio, with Jupiter already in, supercharges this personal transformation.

This is a great time to do transformational magic. It’s on a Monday which is ruled by Luna and Luna is emotions and intuition. So, this is a time to do emotional transformation. For those who doubt their intuitive abilities, to a ritual to transform those intuitive abilities to be better than before.

Tarot Cards: The Sun (Sol), Death (Scorpio), The High Priestess (Luna)

On Saturday, November 4th, 2017: Full Moon in Taurus.

Luna is about emotions and mood and Taurus is about enjoying excess and participating in pleasures. So, you will find that during this period of time you will find you tastes for your affections to be affected.

This is a great time for manifestation magic. If there’s something you’re craving and you want it in your life, manifest it and watch it come into your life. This full moon is on a Saturday, which is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limits and practicality. Saturday is a great day to curse, if that is what you crave this coming full moon, but Saturn also is good for making guided practical plans to achieve your goals.

Tarot Cards: The High Priestess (Luna), Faith (commonly known as Hierophant) (Taurus), 6 of Coins (Luna in Taurus), The World (Saturn)


That’s the day for Puerto Rico.

Thank you.


Bump, Jupiter enters Scorpio tomorrow.

Yeah that makes sense. I’ve been working with Belial for a while now and yesterday it felt like something shifted. Belial went quiet and Satan has been very dominant. That mars energy.

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Venus enters Libra today.

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What’s a good day for a self initiation rite?

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Tuesday, October 17th when Mercury enters Scorpio, this is a time of mental and health changes. Changes of thought and changing your mind.

Or Monday, October 23rd when Sol enters Scorpio, a time of self-transformation, from one state to another.

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Bump, Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow.

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Bump. Mars entered Libra today and Sol enters Scorpio tomorrow.

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Just gotta say…


Thank you, I’m planning on making it a permanent thing that I do.