From a Black Magicians point of view, where do rapists and sex traffickers go when they die?

Why? Is Amazon not available in your country?

Only problem, sister has control of what I can and can’t buy or download, and she be against anything magick.

I mean, I’m 18 for Christ’s sake, I should be allowed to buy whatever I want, right?

Should and is are two very different things. Sounds like a little money magic is needed to start your expansion into your own independent life


I guess, maybe I could try to use a demons help to make them open to letting me get books for my practice as long as I don’t practice it in the house (that’s where my astral temple comes in, lol). Are there any good demons who could help?


I will check it out c:


I could see Belial being helpful. Not sure as far as others.

I have a question about this, if you have to ascend in order to stay in the astral realm and not reincarnate, then how are people able to contact their dead relatives.

@Ailestar what’s this suppose to mean? It answers itself to me. Anything can be in contact with doesn’t matter if it’s a pissed off dead relative earth bound or an essence of them (ancestors) which makes necromancy a fine art form.

A lot of these summaries fall under many Buddhist teachings. Wheel of Samsara; known as the cycle of life itself. We might need to live another 1000 lifetimes to get things “right”? :slight_smile: take care


But is it the them we knew when they were on earth?

I personally think it is. I’ve never done this though but have heard countless recollections from people (including RHP belief) to see where passed on relatives will show themselves or convey a message. I don’t know if they got the same temperament. An essence can be anywhere, anytime. It’s not a human body.

It’s a scope with an energetic signature at that point. Then again, I’ve heard a story to where a passed on father revealed himself and he was glowing white, and he walked around the house.

There is a praised Saint in Greece with his body preserved but it hasn’t even deteriorated, without the use of post dead preservatives. It’s a case with his skeleton in there. He would walk the beach in his boots, and there’d be sand and shells in his boots. I’ll find the Saint’s name; I just need to ask my friend.


Shades are not generally the complete person, but merely a reflection of the soul. Ascended beings don’t remain in the astral. They reside on the higher planes.


Would my spirit family be ascend then?

Yes, if what you call your spirit family is composed of higher beings.

So if I asked for a deities/God/goddesses help or even made some sort of pact that I would go to their realm/etc instead of reincarnating. Would they just pull me to their realm, or would I still need to be developed enough. Is that within their power?

Because I already have plans to do a soul transmutation to one of Lilith’s Incubi/Succubi race. So would I go to her realm or do I still have to ask for that?

They are ubi and yokai mostly.

Their molecules are recycled after they die.

In my opinion, you would still have to develop yourself to make the transition consciously. However, the god/goddess can impart some of their energy to you which can act like a beacon you can follow upon death, kind of like the tunnel often mentioned in near death experiences.

If you transmute your soul, I would assume you automatically go to Lilith’s realm, in a similar way that religious people expect to go to the realm of whatever god they believe in (though in reality, they usually “go into the light” and reincarnate). This is just a guess though.

No one really knows how it all works. It’s all guess work, so it’s all up in the air where anyone ultimately ends up.


I’ll ask Lilith about it. Since I’m sure I’m not the only one who will/has transmuted their soul.

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Then yes, they would be on the higher planes, not the astral. The astral is kind of the middle point between the higher planes and the physical plane.

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