From a Black Magicians point of view, where do rapists and sex traffickers go when they die?

Are they just allowed to be free once they die, or is there a demon that punishes them or some shit like that? Just asking because I don’t believe the concept of the Christian hell and I want your guys opinions.


(All my opinion) Personally I think its different for each person. Some will survive and be reincarnated. Some will stay with the whole. And some will go to the afterlife they believe in. The afterlife isn’t as black and white as some think. If you work with demons you may join them oe serve under them. If you work with he Nordic pantheon then you could go to their afterlife.


They get recycled just like anyone else who hasn’t developed themselves enough spiritually to consciously choose their destination.


So since I choose to be with my spirit fam after I die, will that happen the moment I die, or will I be forced to reincarnate?

Simply choosing consciously while alive isn’t enough. You have to be able to resist the pull at death, and rise in your spiritual body. That’s why various paths talk about building your “body of light.”


I believe that it is likely would just be recycled, or trapped in their own concept of Hell if they believe in such a thing strong enough to defy reincarnation unconciously. Depends on the person.


I would love to crate a hell for them. But I agree with the recycling.


It’s almost guaranteed that someone on this very forum was a rapist, paedophile, or slaver, in a past life. People always brag about having been some historical figure, or a priestess of some ancient deity or whatever, but if past lives are assumed to be an actual thing, then someone here has also been a murderer, an executioner, a torturer, a child abuser, a sacrifice, a thief, etc.


I totally agree. Its more likely as well

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So how do I ensure that after I die in this life, I will be able to be with my spirit family and my wives?

Hell, i shot someone in the back while they ran for their lives during a war battle in a past life. History is filled with horrific events and deeds, as well as good. It’s a mixed bag, like everything else.


Develop yourself spiritually, so that upon death you can arise in your Ascended body (there are various names for it, the Body of Light, the Rainbow Body, the Diamond Body, etc)


That seems hard to say. I have been initiated into a group of spirits who promise a place there after I pass but I will not know until I have died myself.

@Darkestknight’s answer seems as good as any


And I apparently caused so much suffering in my pursuit of wealth to the point that some uppity Higher Power took it upon themselves to punish me upon death.


Any good book I could read, or demons who could help?

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Any demon you work with can help you develop yourself. That’s kind of the point of all Ascension work, to create the immortal body to retain consciousness after death.

Azazel, Lucifer, Lilith, Belial, Satan, all of the Big Names, really.



My ubis say that that would be an interesting talk, may I pm you? :slightly_smiling_face:


Welp, that’s gonna be impossible to find

Sure, although I do have the experience recorded here in my Beelzebub Working Journal.

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If you have amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for “free”