Frisson and Kundalini

So I’ve been through a lot of shitty times that definitely seem to line up with symptoms of kundalini awakening, and somewhere along the line I learned how to induce “frisson” on demand that travels from the base of the spine to the top of my head and then ripples throughout my body making me wonder if this sensation is somehow related to kundalini…

The sensation I get from raising this energy is a rush and it’s really helpful in overcoming obstacles, bolstering my will, and focusing my intent… I’d like to think it’s kundalini energy, of course, but I also recognize that it could just be a burst of dopamine or adrenaline that I’ve learned to conjure forth or something…


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By frisson do you mean the same sort of spine tingling rush that you get when you hear an emotionally moving piece of music or see an epic scene in a movie?

I’m curious how you’re able to induce this without an external trigger.


Well… The similarity is that there’s tingling involved but the place of origin on my body and the direction it flows is different when I hear music I like… When music induces it, it flows from the back of the head and neck and shoulders downwards, as opposed to upwards when I induce it myself… And when I do it myself it feels a lot more intense.

As for how I do it, I used to do a lot of visualization meditations in the darkness where I’d call in the shadows, call down my higher self, and merge with her, seeing my subtle body transform and be empowered by the fusion of us three… And ever since, whenever I focus, breathe in very slowly and deeply, and visualize myself in that transformed state, radiating with inky black power, the rush flows up my spine to my crown and third eye and then washes all over my entire being.

At the time, I had no concept of kundalini or chakras or anything and only found out about them within the last couple years… And I was surprised to read about how kundalini is said to flow in the same way…


though, some sources have said that kundalini feels like an electric jolt, which i’ve only felt once (during those “kundalini symptoms” i had years ago)

all the physical sensations i get when i induce the “frisson” is tingling, tightening of skin, and buzzing or vibrating


If its Kundalini you will also get a strong sexual rush. If its just a jolt or a buzz it is probably etheric energy moved by music or other emotions.