What kind of incense does he like ? I tried searching but could find nothing.

The Black Dragon lists him as being the Demon of Tuesday*. As Tusday is Mars’ day you could try a Martian blend with dragon’s blood or peppers (some use mace…be careful if you choose mace)

I have found that Cthonic Spirits are not necessarily ruled by the planetary Celestials, but they do like some of the same stuff.

  • this is just off the top of my head, I remember him being related to Tuesday, but I could be wrong.

According to JSK in his book Frimost and Klepoth, these herbs may be used in his incense:
Chicory, periwinkle, Frankincense, lady’s thistle, woodruff.

Eh, looks like I will just have to buy the Frimost incense from JSK’s site.