Friendship Thread

Oh that’s a nice thread.

So hi, I’m Mei (not my real name of course) :stuck_out_tongue: 22 years old, soon 23, I am from France, close to Paris. Magick wise I do not practice much lately, but I would love to get more involved in a close future. Other than that, I enjoy video games, reading or have long conversations about pretty much anything that catch my interest.

I’m bad at presentations so if you wanna know more, my DM’s are open.


Look what we have here :smiley:

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Yep thats right


Step seven, psychic training


Hi Shadia nice to meet u

Hello Angeela. Great idea. I am going to need new friends as my circle is becoming very small these days. I am a 31 year old dude; studying medicine to become an RN but I don’t plan on doing that forever. My magick is a melange of many things but recently I’ve strong interested in vampyrism. I am looking for friends That’s within the 25-35+ range, you can of course message me regardless. Scandinavia is a very lonely place of you’re a mage to be honest.


Hey all, I am 27 years old, I have four cats, Libra in the horoscope. I am an introvert, I have a succubus girl. I have no friends, I am a loner. I hope to meet someone to chat😉


I’m like you but I’m a pisces, have no succubus girl, no cats but a dog, and I have a few friends but we are not to close.


I hate to break it but none of them know I’m into the occult.

Ooohh old thread but I like it!
I’m 27, new mommy, and trying to fit magick into my life while taking care of my 5 month old. Basically, I’m tired lmao.

Im into anime and video games. Pm if you have discord :joy:

Also a fur mommy to two dogs! :heartpulse:


I’m 38, male bisexual/homo-romantic, traditional Satanist, based in Palm Springs California. I’d like to meet up with a like-minded locale for rituals or even just coffee and/or note swapping. Shoot, we can skip all that if you like hiking and or camping! I could totally use a trail buddy, and we got some amazing trails out here in the desert. I’d like a platonic friend, as my dog pretty much owns my heart, but i’m also open to other things depending on chemistry.

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I’m looking for a friend to share my questions with.

This thread is a very nice idea!
I’m 28 years old and also an introvert and loner. Mostly I’m working on opening my astral senses and getting my basics right. But I also keep peaking into chaos magic and want to try candle as well as sigil magic.

I’m not the best with social interactions but would like to have some friends I can discuss my interest in magic with! I’m from Germany by the way.


I’m just looking for equally sarcastic people who share an interest in magick, memes and hip-hop. I’m pretty new to being set on this path, and I think I dived right in at the deep end with it. It seems to be working so far and I’d just like someone to be able to bounce ideas off.


I am happy to have found this forum! What I can say about myself is that I really like to exercise and be in shape, I also like to study and learn new things from different cultures, lately I have become interested in the world of the occult and I have had small results, for example with Belial, and I seek to continue increasing my experiences with other entities

I like the magic of sigils a lot as I also use it to test my creativity, I have had success with love spells in the past but now my goal is to develop my psychic senses to be able to communicate better with spirits

If someone is interested in talking to me to be able to exchange knowledge or to talk about anything, I will gladly respond! Greetings and take care :four_leaf_clover::100::+1:


I’m looking people who share interests with me. I’m new in magic and evocation but i would like to open my mind even more.

I’ve worked with Belial, Asmoday, Sitri, Sallos, and specially with my favorite and the one who helped me so many times: King Paimon. I even have his sigil on my phone screen so i can watch it everytime I use it.

My interests are:
-Music. Deathcore specially. I love going to festivals.
-Movies: I love horror and action movies. I’m not feeling in the mood right now, tho. I would like to start again.
-Art: I’m an artist myself.

I speak spanish, basque and english (excuse me if sometimes my english is confusing. Not my first lenguage).

Feel free to PM me :slight_smile: love talking and would like to share experiences.

We tread different paths but I feel as if you have a welcoming energy. If you are up for socialising with an avatar of the moon feel free. Granted I am employed now compared to when I was first on this forum so it may take a bit of time for me to take messages.

I am open to rune readings for individuals like yourself.

Oh look! Its a friendship thread! So nice!

Im just starting out in magic so i dont know what to say for that. Except im trying to reach out to earth spirits in my area and am trying to settle on which spirits to help me with my grades, Im enrolled in the medical field and i want to boost my gpa.

I like to read mostly and be out in nature. But if its something fun count me in.

I welcome messages.

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Search “Stressed Student”.

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