Friends with Benefits

The thought just occurred to me…many people here are a little short on finances in todays market. So let’s do something about it… those that sign up will have an assigned number posted and know what day they will receive the focus and benefit of the ritual effort of all the others…on that day the target does nothing except just receive…while everyone else will work for benefit of that member to increase finances…or health, or love…etc…those are the most recurring things I see people asking for…Each will list what they would like the others to work on toward their behalf. Those working will use the spirit connection they see best suited for them to work with as it is the individual choice. We will create a list of the number, name, and then the object desired and post here for all to see…There should be big results coming in from a group such as this one all working on the same thing…If you want in on this send me your name and I will write the number and name in a bowl and draw for sequence and post all that info on what we would work on …then we could get started…(I suspect you should see good results from such a group as this one working).

This should work if it is structured correctly…on the day that person named and numbered does nothing but receive…then on the other days they work for the others named…with one specific person bombarded with the benefit…and this would be a motivational tool to help those that lack fire in their belly to do something daily in doing…rather than reading…and with the target posting about the results, you can see with your own eyes what your efforts and results are doing…giving you more self confidence in your abilities…great for newbies as well as those more experienced…but everyone benefits in all kinds of ways.



OK…names have started to come in…I will continue until they stop and then I will post the full list.

I have a number that I am seeing as a total group…and will expect that to take place.


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I do not mean to offend anyone, and I think it is a great idea, but could you be certain that the less experienced don’t try any ritual work on the recipients behalf? It is just a precaution as it might cause some unintended results.

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A valid question Darkness, and one that needs to be addressed publicly. So here are my thoughts on the matter:

  1. It would largely be a matter of honor that each Mage stick with the guidelines of the program. If one wants to ‘experiment’, don’t do it in the name of another.

  2. I think part of the program includes welcoming the less experienced. It gives them the opportunity to work on their skills & their confidence WITHIN SAID GUIDELINES and to reap the reward of pride in accomplishment, as well as receiving, thus validating Magick works in precise & specific ways.

  3. It goes without saying (but I shall say it anyway) - breaking faith with a Sorcerer is NOT a good idea. You cannot get away with it and the repercussions are usually not worth the risk! Any Sorcerer who can scry can find out who. And besides, most are well-shielded and any baneful work returns to sender … sometimes with a vengence!


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Each one of us is at a special point in THE walk…no two are the same…but each one can accomplish merit with their efforts as they work all attempts at anything for themselves. Do those same attempts for another…and in that effort you will learn to see another side of your self…your magical self…how is a success rate gauged…is there a degree of success? not in this…as the experienced lift up the novice to the level of success…the efforts are the main thing…

this would work in the mundane world as I have seen best sellers written showing proof of thought concentration by groups changing things … think what this group could do when focused together…It is not going to be the weakest link as pulling the success rate down but it is going to be the strongest link pulling the novice link up…that is what ascension is all about…

And I have had several ask about using real names…either way you like … as my reply is that each one of us has a spiritual DNA and you will be found in the spirit world to have your package with your NAME from the spirit delivery service arrive…Cannot you see that you are in the astral realm sitting there and expecting this package to arrive and you question if the delivery service is adequate…hell yes, they can find you…don’t you know that others have been eliminated from this world by beings sent to terminate them…and they are no longer here with us now…and their name was not always known…smile…

Now…we have a good solid group forming already and it is growing faster than I thought…and that is a good thing.


[quote=“Maxx, post:5, topic:315”]… as my reply is that each one of us has a spiritual DNA and you will be found in the spirit world to have your package with your NAME from the spirit delivery service arrive…Cannot you see that you are in the astral realm sitting there and expecting this package to arrive and you question if the delivery service is adequate…hell yes, they can find you…don’t you know that others have been eliminated from this world by beings sent to terminate them…and they are no longer here with us now…and their name was not always known…smile…


I had to laugh at myself … remembering the days when I thought the Spirit Realm -needed- so much more of my assistance than they ACTUALLY do. Took them a long time to convince me that selection & desire were my ONLY part in the equation; that indeed there is nothing else I CAN do … and bless my heart, I STILL try to help them sometimes … like a five-year-old in the kitchen …

I like this idea very much, although…I’m great with TaraKi but this Black Magick is still all new to me, I’m halfway through evoking eternity, so I don’t know if I will be of any help with your spells?

You will be fine freya…

and I have been thinking on the day before we begin this,that all of us have one particular spirit that on that day we all invoke together, One that is great at helping with the task at hand, and ask for the aid to direct us in this operation and see that we all have plenty of great mental help in choosing which spirit each of us calls on. Maybe one particular spirit that would oversee this thing…Any recomendations?


Maxx like freya i’m totally in support of this project but I am just not sure that my input will be that effective…I am not evoking to physical manifestation yet. If your happy with us newcomers to practical working being involved I will do it…And wont be offended if you dont. But money workings would be a help for sure…I have a list of things I want to get already just linked to ascendency never mind boring things like bills ha…

Maxx this brings up an interesting question. Are we wanting everyone, newbie or not, to work on evocating a specific entity, or do we want everyone to do whatever it is that they feel comfortable doing, whether evocation, candle magick, other magickal workings, voodoo… etc?

Except for the first day, which we all will decide one spirit to call to aid this venture, and again I ask for your suggestions for the named ONE…each person will work on the target as if you were going to do this for the target by yourself…you work at the best rate and the best way you would do this…even if you have never done a working for someone else, you more than likely will have done it for yourself…so this will be a great exercise for some, and old hat for others…so each one does their best effort in the way they ordinarily would work…since we are all focusing on the target on that same day, there should be a bombardment of benefit…how many other days can you think of that 15 or 20 people concentrated on your behalf and worked to benefit your circumstance? It will work…

I have wanted to do something like this for a long time but could never find the right group before…I suggested it on another forum and not one replied to aid a person that was ill…so this is fantastic…it is like having 20 grenades to throw in all at once to open a door…lol.


Maxx, I’ve gotten confused -

Are you asking for suggetions to name one Spirit to oversee the flow of operations, or one Spirit that I personally will work with for the duration of the experiment? ~: o Z

I thought we might all take the first day and work with a particular spirit to oversee the entire flow…and then begin with no. one the next day and on that day then we each work with your familiar spirit to enact the results for the individual…clear?
Or Not?..or maybe we do not have to all work with a spirit to push off with…just start with our regular comfort zone entity on day one.

Most are looking for money (wealth improvement)…so that may be one spirit…others are looking for a job…might necessitate another spirit working…and another looking to enhance magical power and ascend more powerful…etc.


Yep! Thanx!

Looking forward to it … perhaps you could post a list of several Names, kinda get the party started? I’ve worked with Entities from both paths and within those paths both highly specialized & the broader, more general offices … but there are likely some who have worked with 2 or 3 and are ready to spread their wings, but uncertain where to look …

just a suggestion, but since this whole thing originated due to the influence of Azazel with 3,600,000 demons at his disposal, I would suggest we all try to make connection with him on the initial day…those uncomfortable working with so called negative beings, can call up Raphael or another if you feel more comfortable with that…and then within a couple of days we can post the spirit beings as a suggestion for a particular task…

so far I have 12 people involved here,and it seems I was looking at 14 when we started, so I am holding the door open for the others to show up…and I need DKMage to let me know what we should work on his behalf for?


I like the idea of taking 2 days. The first day for working with the predetermined spirit, and the 2nd day for doing whatever spell work we feel comfortable with. One reason I like this idea, is that I think it will help those of us who have not worked directly with entities before, get comfortable and familiar with it. For those that already work with different entities, there is a good chance they could get familiar with entities they may not have worked with in the past. Also, by allowing everyone to do the actual working that they choose on the second day will alleviate some of the concerns that Darkness spoke up about, as no one would be out of their element so to speak.

Fine, it can work that way and everyone can find comfort in their zone…another day will not make a diff for others…


I guess I should actually say I dont care if we do it over one day or two… Im not set on that if others dont want to do it that way. What I really like is your idea about working with a set entity before actually doing our own individual working. Could be done all the same day if that is what everyone wanted.

Im feeling pretty excited about getting started on this. I think this is going to be really powerful. The Law of Reversed Effect should be pretty much null working this way. That is the one major thing that kills me in my personal workings, I get pretty emotionally attached to what I want, especially when it is actually a real need, like money. Im glad you posted this Maxx. :slight_smile:

Uncle Fester is glad too.

@MAXX: I whole heartedly second your suggestion to bring in Azazel as the organizing & overseeing Entity. As you say, all this kinda got started because of BALG/ BoA … for all we know He might have even whispered this in your ear while you slept… lol :smiley: I’m gonna suggest for those who are still uncomfortable calling up a Nether, perhaps Metatron or Samael … both have got some hi-voltage Juice and are more than a little enthusiastic …

@BEBOE: I also want to whole heartedly second your preference to make it a 2-days per person. Working with a group of 15 or less, everbody’s number will come up within a month … and with lives being so full & busy, it will diminish the potential for someone “rushing through it” being more focused on time than the Working.

So, are we all set then? Anybody got alternative views better whip 'em out here now!!! The ride is about to begin - wheeee :wink: Z