Friends with Benefits II: The Revenge

UPDATE 11/3/2012:

Hey all! It looks like we are well underway. Excellent! A couple of quick announcements:

  1. So we’ve had a couple of people drop from the group (Darkness and Sukujin), and I would just like to thank them for knowing their time wasn’t available enough to proceed, and also for putting in the time/effort that they did up to this point. Maybe next time. :slight_smile:

  2. As we had some spots open up, blackpheonix has joined the group and will be getting up to speed on the workings. As the project is now underway, I can’t imagine anyone being able to catch up past today. So unless we take on a charity project on someone’s behalf, this closes the group.

  3. I will have the next group of workings up in the next few days, so you can plan ahead for later workings.

Thanks again for your efforts! I look forward to hearing some success stories, and have enjoyed the reports of various workings.


UPDATE 10/24/2012: I’m compiling all the data on a spreadsheet right now, and will get the initial schedule up very soon. I will also post a secondary thread where the organization/planning info will be posted, just as the original FWB had.

Please use this thread for discussion and results, so the other one can stay uncluttered and readable. And yes, please discuss your practices and results in this thread - it adds great value to everyone reading and participating both.

The calendar thread is up -


UPDATE - 10/20/2012: We have hit a critical mass, so unless I hear a large outcry, we will go forward with this starting on November 1st,
(and if anyone wants to use Halloween energy for their operations, you should be able to get a jump start on the first few workings).

There are still a few slots left, so hit me up soonish if you’d like to join.

Also, a few of you have yet to send me a private message with your request for the group’s efforts. Try to do this soon, so you and I will have enough time to shape the request, such that: 1) it is a sufficiently focused/clarified goal that the group can work on it, and 2) you are actually asking for what you desire.

Remember: clarity of focus is very important to ritual working, whether for yourself or others; an operation is an extension of your will. If your will is floundering and unclear, your results will be unsatisfactory or obscure. But if your will is focused and direct, your results will follow suit.


Original starting post:

So the original Friends with Benefits money-making group/thread was pretty popular before, so I’m gauging interest here for a possible November or December cooperative working month.

[The following is shamelessly paraphrased and slightly reworked from Maxx’s original thread. Thanks Maxx!]

Everyone who signs up will have an assigned number posted and know what days they will receive the focus and benefit of the ritual effort of all the others - on those days the target does nothing except just receive. Everyone else will work for the benefit of that member to increase finances (or health, love, etc.); whatever is requested. Each member will list what they would like the others to work on toward their behalf. This is a diverse group, so keep that in mind when making your request to get maximum benefit - while a request of improved finances is relatively benign and most would be happy to help with, a request of death to your enemies might have less takers (and it denies you the satisfaction of doing that job yourself).

Those working will use the spirit connection as they see fit - this is a group of individuals working for mutual benefit, rather than a group ritual per se. So know that each of you may have demons, angels, candle magic, and other media working in your direction. If this makes you uncomfortable, either air your concerns here, or build another more focused group yourself.

It will then be posted the number/days, name, and the objective desired and post here for all to see. This thread will also be used as a discussion forum for the results received - so the thread should also serve as an interesting showing of the efficacy of multiple intents focused on a singular goal.

There were interesting results last time, with the members of a group such as this one all working to one purpose.

If you want in on this, private message me your name and your desired object/outcome. Once I have the list, I will perform a triage and then randomization of the list to determine our schedule and directives. I’m aiming for about 14-16 people on this list, to do a month worth of workings and give everyone two days or so for each working. If we can get the list together in time, I’m aiming for November.

Maxx brought up an important point that November may well be devoted to EA’s new divination program for most of you. If that is the case, no problem. If we don’t get enough interested parties, we can push the project forward a month - I’ll try to keep everyone posted in a timely manner.

Remember, while this could be a huge boon to you in terms of what you receive, the real benefit will come in the gains of performing so many workings in a directed and structured way. You will gain the most benefit from this by doing the workings - receiving the boon on your scheduled day(s) is merely the added bonus.

If you don’t intend (or don’t think you are able) to do the majority of the workings, you should probably wait for a project that you can commit to.

This is an exercise in “evoke often!” Let’s get it started!

I highly recommend that anyone interested go read through the original threads, and get a better idea of how this worked out last time, go here:

Discussion page:

Implementation page:

This listing is not in order, just a listing - order/dates TBA. This is not the final list - I’m hoping to get 12-16 people, enough for a reasonable month worth of workings (2 days each).

Also, I will note to the side whether I have received each person’s working request, the “object” of their desire. It’s worth noting that this is a tentative list, once we get closer to the start point, we’ll make sure everyone is finalized on the details and such.

The list:

NarcolepticDream - [ok]
Trucomallica - [ok]
Nereid - [ok]
redcircle - [ok]
Ryan - [ok]
Sukujin - [dropped]
defectron - [ok]
PyreOD - [ok]
Soundwave - [ok]
darkness - [dropped]
Virdon Djinn - [ok]
Kitari - [ok]
Frater Apotheosis - [ok]
blackphoenix - [need object]

Once we get started, I will probably make another forum thread like the other one used so the purely logistical info can be listed. This thread can be used for any and all discussion related to the project.

What are the minimum number of spell castings required for participation?

Good question. I would say the ideal would be at least one working per person on the list. If you can’t do a minimum of half of them, it probably defeats the purpose of joining up. I’m willing to hear a discussion of this, but this is my gut answer.

Obviously, this is on each person’s word that they will make an honest effort. But since the real benefit of joining this is to actually do the workings, a person shouldn’t join if they don’t think they can or will attempt to do each one - barring unforeseen circumstances of course.

This also brings up an important side issue: what kind of workings will be done? As I believe this forum is largely made of people interested in evocation and the equivalent, I would strongly emphasize that the workings done be done through evocation or the rough equivalent (such as a hougan working with loas) - unless of course the practitioner has a compelling reason to do otherwise (a known spell/ritual that will get the job done that the practitioner is more confident with, for instance). Again, I’m only organizing this and not exercising autocratic authority, so I’m quite happy to hear discussion on this topic as well.

One of the goals in the previous round was to get together experienced magicians with newcomers. This will help us the newbies to grow confidence in ourselves, pushing aside any “logical doubt” that could arise.

I’ve got two people respondents so far, anyone else interested in doing some directed workings? If the thing holding you back is a perceived complication, talk about it in here - I don’t think anyone is dead set on a particular way of moving this forward, as long as it does indeed move forward.

Count me in redcircle, I’m only at a sigil magick level, but I need the practice.

I would if you get enough people, by that I mean somewhere in the neighborhood of what we had last time even if a bit less.

I’m up for it.

Very cool, guys. With you last three, that puts us at 7+ if everyone is still in by the time we start. Do you guys want to send me a pm with what you want the group to work on for you? As was the case with the last group, a singular goal like the kind you would do an evocation for is optimal (even if it is for something complicated like a mentor or whatever).

I’d also like to add - you don’t have to have some great purpose for yourself in mind to join this thread. Money, especially if you have a solid goal for what you’d use it for, is a perfectly tangible thing for us to do a working for.

I know a lot of us would like to build our occult library, maybe get the Complete Works by the ordering deadline, or pay for one or more of the classes coming up. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for money, and it would also make a nice, tangible result to post in the forums. Remember, the major point of this is to give us all more practice in working, so being able to see that we hit a target with our operations is very useful.

Count me in, although I am happy to work peoples requests into my own workings I am also interested in doing specific rituals/workings sugested by people if only to try a new way of doings things

You bring up a point that I’d like us to discuss here. My initial thought here is that these will be a bunch of individual workings toward a goal.

However, if for at least some of the workings, people want to try to do something more group-oriented, like choosing a specific ritual or entity, that could be interesting too. Getting coordinated much more tightly than that (like working at a specific time) might be too much for everyone to get in on, but if small sub-groups wanted to try for that, it could add something very interesting to the mix.

Is that along train of thought you were taking, Soundwave?

I live with my parents, so I wouldn’t be able to perform other rituals apart from sigil opening and candle magic. I think the method of work should be free for everyone, or maybe a subgroup should do a group evocation and the rest what they can/want given their own circumstances.

Pretty much my thoughts, time syncing would probably be pretty hard, although if anyone in Melbourne, Australia wanted to do an in person group working they can PM me, obviously I’ll want to chat a bit first but people here seem pretty legit

Truco and Soundwave: Yea, that sums up my thoughts on it. If people want to try to be more coordinated than the basic level I’m doing, that’s totally cool and they should chat about it in this forum. Otherwise, I’d leave it up to the operator’s preference on how they want to do it.

[quote=“redcircle, post:2, topic:527”]This listing is not in order, just a listing - order/dates TBA. Also, I will note to the side whether I have received each person’s working request, the “object” of their desire. It’s worth noting that this is a tentative list, once we get closer to the start point, we’ll make sure everyone is finalized on the details and such.

Tentative list:

NarcolepticDream - [need object clarified]
Trucomallica - [ok]
Nereid - [ok]
redcircle - [need object]
Ryan - [need object]
defectron - [need object]
PyreOD - [ok]
Soundwave - [need object]

Once we get started, I will probably make another forum thread like the other one used so the purely logistical info can be listed. This thread can be used for any and all discussion related to the project.[/quote]

Can I get in on this? I know I haven’t been around lately, but I’m interested in seeing what can be done on Halloween and the night before since the veil is so thin and on the day prior it will be a full moon.

I’m interested in doing anything I can.

Best of Luck
-Frater Apotheosis

Yes. We will probably start in November, so there are still some slots left.

I have to say that THIS is exactly what I envisioned when I began Become A Living God! THIS is what a movement is supposed to look like, and THIS is exactly how I imagine Living Gods to act. Kudos to you all! You have my admiration!!!


What do I have to do to sign up for this?