Friends With Benefits: A New Beginning

OK so a lot of people who had requests in the last FWB project felt like their requests were neglected. Maybe not by all but most of the participants.It became disorganized and the post jumped from thread to thread which made it hard for people to keep up with.

I’m going to start a new project and take it one step at a time.

First I will give an entire week for people to step up and be involved with the workings.

Then I’ll start talking requests.

I feel like the ball was dropped when the court cases and hexes month came up as people were sharing positive results on the other requests until that month.

Also each subject will not last an entire month.I see no reason to spend a month on a couple of requests.

Also I’ll be keeping the list of participants and requests in my majick diary since I always know where it is so no chance of info being lost or destroyed.

So let’s start off by seeing who’s in on doing the workings.
I’ll allow one week for people to join then it’s straight to work.

Let the games begin!

I’m in. All Pm my request though.

Is that Okay? Or do I need to post it?

Dani I clearly stated that the first week would be for people signing up to do the WORK.
Then I’ll take requests.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:3, topic:3300”]Dani I clearly stated that the first week would be for people signing up to do the WORK.
Then I’ll take requests.[/quote]

exactly lol. I sign up.

OK no offence Dani but if this is going to happen the people participating in the workings will have to be in tune with their own power.

From what I’ve seen on your other posts you’ve asked a demonic king…no fuck that. You asked an ancient GOD to hand you GODhood and now you’re freaking out.
Please take my advice and take some time to step back and reevaluate your situation so you can figure out what to do.
You’ve received enough advice and readings to where you should have a grasp on…something anything.But you don’t.
You need to step up to Azazel as the god you want to be and show him you’re serious or all you’re going to get is a very harsh lesson.

I will join as performer for others, I do not have any particular request yet.

Dani, despair is never a good adviser. Indeed, you should take a step back and reconsider what it is that you really want. Stop wasting everybody’s time and get on track again.

I’m more interested in hearing about the results from the last thread to see if I can effect change for others, not just myself. I am open for additional help of course, but my inner visions have been progressing quite nicely already.

So have mine Michael.
But I’ve also been working with a spirit for that do I think it’s a combination of the two.
If you’re in let me know.

Same, I’ve been working with Sastan, he’s been very helpful for me so far. Still no physical success though. Who do you work with?

You can count me in I’ll try this again if there’s interest, I feel like these types of workings have massive potential.

It has been a while since I have participated in one if these. I will help with the workings if you like.

OK so far we have dellamage,MichaelSmith,and Azesiel in on the workings.If there’s anyone else who feels they could be an asset just chime in.

And Michael I’ve been doing alter work with Mepsitahl for my astral senses and there has definently been some quick changes within the short amount of time I’ve been working with her.

Thanks Musta about your insight about Mepsitahl, i will also work with him again to increase my abilities.

I would like to but I may have to pass this time… I may be too selfish to build the appropriate level of emotion on somebody elses gain. but I do love a challenge. I currently have no requests. no real wants needs nor desire. I somehow achieved a state ov bliss in a failed attempt to soal travel last night.

Ovwolves no offence but we need people who are confident of their skills.
If you think you may be too selfish to help someone else’s problems then you should probably sit this one out.
But you said on your own post that you wanted help becoming empowered which we could probably help with in some way if you specify on what aspects you want to be empowered in.

no offence taken and I have no problem doing things for someone close too me but honestly im out for myself

As a black majician should be.
Master thyself.

OK since there’s only a handful of people that stepped up to perform the rites as of right now this is a closed circle and we will be working on our own goals.
If someone has a request PM me and we will work on it.

As for the people involved I’ll contact you in PM to get this started.

Thanks for info!