Friends using each others' sigils?

So a friend and I have recently begun using each others’ sigils; meditating on them, leaving offerings for each other, etc. I was curious to know if anyone here has done something similar, and what the effects on you were?

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I just shared a sigil with a few people, and 2 of them so far got a manifestation. Honestly, I think the more times a chaos sigil gets charged and manifests by more and more people, the more powerful it gets. Kind of like logos. Care to add to it? It’s a money sigil.


I think it’s just like @Woodsman81 said. Just be careful not to share it with people who might wish to do you any harm or who might turn on you in a later stage.


Very good advice, IMO. For this reason I only share benevolent sigils.

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Yeah being the sigil she channeled for me it isn’t something I planned on sharing with anyone. Honestly her and I have been good friends through some rough stuff so I doubt she would use it in a malicious manner.

I was just curious to know if people experienced anything like feeling drained/ascension symptoms/heavy manifesting, or really anything that they experienced as a direct result.