Friends in South OC

If any one reads this who lives in South Orange County area and wants to meet up - even just for a few minutes to grab coffee or something and chat - DM me.

I’ve never met someone in person who actively practices as in depth as I do. Frankly, I’m curious about the vibe that someone into similar interests gives off in person.

I am secretive for the most part, but my family and friends generally describe me as a strange mix of scientific and mystical. Close friends know a bit more about what I do and anyone who knows me wouldn’t be too surprised - even as a kid I was a bit weird and into ‘darker’ stuff.

Funny enough, my profession involves all of these elements in a semi-public way, so I stay hidden in plain sight, so-to-speak. Anyhow, hit me up and maybe we can meet in person to compare notes and musings, should the stars align.

In response to the invites, I’m in Los Angeles and have not met anyone who shares my interest in magick
or working with inteties Ive done rituals alone I would like to meet

I think we should have a SoCal meet up because it doesn’t just limit it to one city. OC is mostly suburbs so I’m not surprised there aren’t many practitioners.

I’m down in San Diego and would love to take on a more expierence mentor.

I rarely travel north of Newport/Irvine/Costa Mesa area. A few years ago, I was in downtown LA checking out some of the new vibe it’s taking on. The scene was pretty cool - much different than the barren industrial work district I remember last there as a kid in the early 90’s. If I venture further north in the future, I’ll hit you up.

Areas with a younger crowd and more people involved in ‘gritty’ professions, like Costa Mesa, Huntington, Anaheim, etc. tend to have people involved in ‘darker’ stuff more outwardly. I’m in South OC, where the alternative spiritual people in the beach areas are more like stereotypical California new age crystal and Eastern practices type people.

Also, since I’m in a more affluent area, people tend to go for that marketing rockstar, Real Estate agent, law of attraction, business person vibe where spirituality and self-help combines with attracting money and lifestyle.

The bedroom communities often involve parents doing what they can to raise the kids in a wholesome environment. All while practicing whatever off colored spiritual and sexual activities behind the scenes in a way that keeps appearances with their business connections and neighbors and allows them to enjoy a nice home on a two person income.

I should also say that none of this is to be critical. As a teenager many of my friends were of the edgier variety and as I’ve gotten older, my connections and friendships involve all of these people - from those hustling to stay afloat to millionaires. As long as you’re honest with yourself about what you want in life and realize money is only a small portion of that, however you decide to make it look on the surface is fine with me.:+1: