Friend wonders if he has a soul

he asked me if he has a soul i could not give any proof except my work in putting links and a soul in a doll and works i do on targets that i learned from hoodoo and N.O. voodoo i was wondering if anyone had any infomation or can link me to where i can learn and give an answer ~ tony

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Depends how he defines it?

If he thinks it means, can he exist outside his body, teaching him some form of soul travel may work, but if he wants to get all religious and have proof of some afterlife stuff, that would be harder.


Your friend could seek personal experience, and probably will if he’s asking you about it. Saying things like “look within” sound like bullshit until someone has been there.

Nevertheless, let’s give him some good things to ponder. Messing around with people’s concepts and assumptions can help them find that golden thought. Sometimes it’s just a matter of how they use words.

The Soul is the most fundamental part of a person. We don’t have to take this part away from the others and observe it directly in order to know that it is real.

Firstly, you exist. That is the only fact that is utterly provable beyond the concept of proof. Your existence is totally irretrievable from any effort to understand anything including your self. You need to have that one on the bag before you start trying to get weird.

For any other thing to exist, it has to have a causal relationship to your awareness. That does not mean you will notice or understand all things that exist, but if something does not have any causal relationship to anything that you ever observe, it does not exist in any way shape form or fashion. Light that hit the other side of Earth exists only as you observe it. It is air temperature or video footage or some traveller’s tanline. Countless subtle things exist that we do not know about, but only those differences that make differences in things that you observe can be said to truly exist. That’s obvious if you think about it.

A person can conceptually dissect themselves into those things that are observed, and that thing that observes. Wherever that thing is and whatever its nature, the observer is the finish line of any chain of cause-and-effect that exists. Things that exist only do so in their relationship to observation.

So, at the core of all things there is a common part. That part is not changing, but is the measure by which all things change. Does that one thing actually exist?

This is a question not unlike, “Is one a prime number?” Prime numbers are defined by their relationship to the number one. But it can be argued that the number one, its self, does not have the required relationship, to its self, to be prime.

The Soul can be said to exist if it has a causal relationship to its self. A soul having a causal relationship to its self is a fairly good way to define magic.

So no.
As a filthy non-magical muggle, your friend has no soul :frowning:


Well, every living thing has a soul. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be alive.


Ask him what he thinks a soul is and what proof he will accept, either for or against.

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A good proof would be an induced soul travel :rofl: