Friend wants sexual spirit

I hope I’m not asking too many questions, but my friend on kik wants a spirit to come to him and fuck him. Can anybody do that for me? PM me for the kik username.

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I’ve never had sex with a spirit (kind of weirdss me out) but I believe in most cases you need to have your senses developed but here’s a way to get a succubus posted by another member

Oh you haven’t done an introduction yet head here and introduce yourself it’s part of the rules.

So your friend wants a demon lover? You can pm me. I dont offer help much except if it feels right

@haak8 Two questions: Firstly, can he see, feel, hear and make substantial contact with a Spirit? Secondly, is this going to be a respectful relationship (In other words can he treat the Spirit as a friend and a person and not just something to have sex with)? If the answer to both is yes, then, and only then ,I am willing to help.


Hey, maybe you could help me too ? That’s an experience I’d love to have at one point on my life.
My senses aren’t fully developed. In the past I created a sexual servitor but I was only feeling tinglings, nothing sexual. As all of my servitors, I’d treat that spirit with respect. My servitors are my dearest friends. More than these sucker humans. (except BALG people ofc :stuck_out_tongue:)

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@NewDeparture We are talking about more than just some egregore. There are commitments involved with this sort of thing. If requested to do so by the Spirit you are expected to obey without question. As for whether I say yes or no it depends on how developed your senses are. Can you evoke to a degree of decent communication?

@TheStorm: Then I fear my senses aren’t developed enough as I can’t communicate trully.
I don’t mind for the commitment if it’s for my highest good. I mean, the respect should be both sided hu. If the spirit sees me only as a slave then I’ll pass.

On a related note, I thought having that sort of relationship would actually be an excellent mean to sharper the senses. If my senses are already perfect than I’d only get sex with that spirit, which is dull. I expected spiritual growth from both side as the time pass and the relation deepens.

@NewDeparture You need a basis on which to build though. If your senses are virtually nonexistent then it’s kinda hard to do.

@TheStorm: Yeah, makes sense…

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@NewDeparture Practice some basic Sigil Magick and build on from there to evocation. It should be an easy enough leap from basic work with Spirit Sigils to Communication and eventually to physical manifestation if you do push it that far.

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I respectfully disagree, because when I started my magical path, I did this with no senses developed at all. Yet, it worked successfully. Your intention is the difference between success and failure. And add a little faith to it, as well.

There’s so many ways to learn abilities to sense spirits on any level, whether it is to hear them, see them, sense them physically, smell them or taste them. What does exercise the senses solo teaches you? Not much, because there’s no spirit to guide you and learn the differences of external and internal energies to start with. I see no obligation to practice beforehand. Research is more important, at start. The rest is learned by experience.

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@TheStorm I do sigil magick. That’s primarly my main magickal practice.

I don’t think I can help someone that has zero senses in this particular matter is all I am saying.

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Begin mirror gazing. It should come easily enough. Gaze at the sigil then gaze at the mirror (the way you would at a sigil) visualising the Spirit in it. See it moving. Doing things. See the Spirit as if though it’s actually there. Then gaze at the sigil again for just a moment and then back at the mirror. The moment the image you are visualsing takes on a life of it’s own and you get the impression that it’s projecting into you and not the other way around is when the Spirit has arrived. From there you should be able to communicate with it easily. That’s from the OAA btw.

Neither can I, and these kind of paths is not like most other magical paths out there, either. We have to do this on our own, and sometimes learn things the hard way. It comes with trials and errors, and sometimes in darkness, fumbling to understand what’s going on. Guidance is easier to provide, once dipping the toe in the water.


Mirror gazing, got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

@TheStorm: Btw, I don’t really have ZERO sense, but they are very subtle. Sometimes I feel heat or weight on my body. Or tinglings. The last evokation I did was with a lunar spirit to help me improve my visual skills. I felt a weight on my lap right at the beginning on the ritual. Tho I’m not sure it worked as my visual skills are pretty much the same.

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Good information. noted