Friday Fun

Happy Friday people!!

So I’m currently having a debate with a buddy and was hoping y’all could help me settle this once and for all…

Who would win in a fight? Kratos (from God of War) or Dante (from Devil May Cry)?

Thanks folks!!

And hey, also while I’m here, how about a quick game of ‘Would You Rather’?

Would you rather:

-Be given £10,000,000.00 (untaxed) OR any super hero’s power(s) of your choice (and if so who’s)?

-OWN a dragon OR BE a dragon? (And why?)


Professor x’s powers so I could control people to give me the 10,000,000 untaxed :wink:

I’d rather own a dragon so I could learn from it.

My money is on the God slayer :+1:


which dante though, classic DMC or DMC reboot?

edit: i’ll go with rogue, because then i get all the powers :^)
and i’d rather be the dragon, but i’d wanna be a wishing dragon like shenren or perunga from dbz

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Classic all the way…

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Side note: I never understood why Professor X never asked Beast to take a sample of Wolverine’s blood and try to isolate the ‘healing’ gene to fix his legs… :woman_shrugging:


yeah i’mma have to go with dante on this one, regardless of my greek heritage :rofl:


Gimme the dragon and the cash pls! :dragon: :moneybag:

And Kratos because phwoarr! :heart:


deadpool thats why :grin:

Ill take the dragon to learn from it and the cash.
Dante just cause he assimilated the power of devils for his own and i like his style just a bit more and love some of his weapons :japanese_ogre:

Demonic Sword scythe :heart_eyes:
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Electric bat guitar scythe!! :heart_eyes:
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Yeaaah! Pandora, baby!!