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Greetings. I’m Aceson (Ace). I’m in my late twenties. Been learning the occult for about a year now. Come from a line of Voodoo priests from New Orleans and my grandma has passed down little methods of craft work since birth. I’m a dance teacher (breakdancer). channeling energy is quite simple especially through dance and music. I’m also have mastered my bipolarism*. I can turn emotions off and on like light switches which helps me in dance and energy manipulation. I didn’t plan on being into the craft for I was a devout Christian but had so many unanswered questions that the church seemed to gloss over and this led me to research. I hated the information not adding up and it took me down the rabbit whole for years. I begged God to put me on the path of full truth or kill me for I was the only one “awake” in my life and was in a horrible, lonely place in life. I had a near death which led to my third eye opening and everything changed. I’m not sure if it’s a “spirit guide”, guardian angel, or ancestor that’s been almost literally kicking me in the ass to get where I am today but I’m here and very thankful for it.

My goals:

  • transcend my human physical abilities
  • gain and hone psychic abilities
  • gain a relationship with all angels and daemons that resonate with my goals
  • gain mentors and teachers in the craft for guidance
  • give confidence and guidance to children through dance and gymnastics and guide the lost and abandoned through spiritual practice

I’m extremely loyal though few have reciprocated this. I’m highly vigilant in my quest to become a great magician. I’ve manifested everything I’ve wanted since awakening and am ready to start my new life/path of a magician. I survived rock bottom and have proven myself to whatever “guardian” that keeps giving me the 66 and 44 signs EVERYWHERE since I’ve awoke. I’ve vowed will stop at nothing to obtain as much infinite knowledge as possible untill death and will never be stagnant. If I can spin on my head and do push ups with no feet and only my finger tips touching the floor I can fucking do anything!!

I greet you all and thank those who will guide me before hand. I hope I can find guidance here.

             With humble respect   -Aceson X

Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks Knight

Nice introduction, Welcome to the website~

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Welcome to the forum

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Thank you Velenos. Glad to find this. It’s lonely out there…

Thanks illumia

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A very warm welcome @Aceson_X :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why thank you much Ultra :slight_smile:

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Thank you Enchantress :upside_down_face:

If you’ve encountered ‘deity’ (any kind) make sure you check yourself for astral larva. I have found that opening the door to deity gets you an unpleasant ‘door prize’. Fight for yourself. It’s a multiverse of spirit.

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Noted and thank you for the heads up. I’m equiped with the LBRP. The “guardians” energy hits in a certain way like a hug from behind and it feels loving. Not sure if there is anything else I can do to keep protected other than being in a loving mood and keeping my place clean. Not big on stones…

Check the root Chakra area. I would get fatigued in the upper back. The root Chakra. Ask your advocates to locate any parasites. I use a mental blowtorch, as well as ‘violent threading’ of said larva. If you work with your Shadow, you can ask it to go in for a kill. Takes a while, but worth doing. Much harder work than killing a ‘deity’, but rewarding. Give those a shot, and stay in touch.

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I’m interested in this shadow. How do I work with this?..

You can call out to it. That you want to meet with it. Jung talks a bit about it, but your focus should begin with a meeting. Shake hands if it will. It may or may not. The end goal is to achieve a state of balanced malevolence. I’ll tap my notes for further info by tomorrow

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Thanks Fire​:fire: :pray:

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Welcome! Glad you’re here!

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