Frequent chameleon sightings

Hey everyone in April 2020 i started magickal practice, demon workings n all, my results were not very satisfactory and only few things seemed to work in a year, I go to my office by driving car that is 25 km away from my home, so the thing is in one year I never saw a chamalion on road but just last month I saw one and thought oh 1 st time I m seeing on road, then with in 7 days I saw another I thought may b its a signal but I told myself this is coincidence if I see agn than I wud blv then agn with sm days i saw agn, so this time I searched if it is related to any demons I worked with I found nothing so I dismissed it, today I saw agn now m thinking if it has smthng to do with magick, my life is gonna change Or smthng like that Or may b I m imagining things, so if someone can do a reading or just feels that it really has a magickal meaning kindly tell me,


Just my opinion and I’m new at this,
so take it with a grain of salt,

I feel Energetic Blockage,
Like you’re stuck in your head…

I see Strong Motivation,
But, again, I see you need more “Grounding”.

Does this ring true?
Nir666 :heart:

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Chameleons have a spiritual meaning, I’d suggest looking into it and apply it to things happening in your life to understand what it indicates. By nature of the animal itself, chameleon is adaptability. It may be the Universe sending you signs or your guides as a means to communicate with you.


To be honest, seeing 2 animals in an area where they live wild is a bit too early to say it’s “frequent”.

It doesn’t really sound freaky, maybe research their habits, it could be the time of year, the weather, something causing a rise in the local population or human activity driving them out of their normal range.

ya it can be but nothing has changed where i saw these, same road , same trees , same bushes,everytime on different location, or may be m overthinking :slightly_smiling_face: