Frequency Pest Control

I’m interested in generating electro magnetic anomalies. Is there a way not only to induce such but govern such ? i’ll admit the idea came from something mundane. My thinking was if I could generate a sort of frequency that disrupts sort of like those devices sold to stop mice, I could kinda blanket the are generating a frequency through occult means to keep ants out of my area…With the exception of centipedes and spiders (so long as the spiders be non venomous) , ants are maddening.

Of course I settled for a greater banishing ritual of using bug spray to deal with the ants…but now I have an interest in Not only causing emf disruptions (such as power surges, brown outs), but also the idea of opening an area up in such a manner that haunting, poltergeist occur (dont ask y…i dont know) .
My interest is also charging an area in such a manner than bugs, animals, even ppl just get a vibe they dont wanna go near.

I’m thinking electricity is almost everywhere. Why not exploit it to create areas where only u can pass in and out? Granted itd have to be done so the vibe doesn’t keep the operator out but keeps everything else the fuck out… I guess like wifi, my question is can I blanket an area with imperceptible frequencies such that there would be no longer a need to use bug spray? Not fond of living things in my personal area…Just more or less interested in any ideas yall may have on the matter…

Got no idea how i’d go about doing it…So far even spells to keep ppl the fuck away have failed or produced the opposite effect. Im more than happy being the type that draws animals in (i can relate to non human creatures a little more than humans), but humans, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, and all manner of horrific creeping thing (such as humans)…have got to fucking go or stay away from me…

Is there a way to generate human pest control for that matter? Humans being close and touchy be a death sentence during a pandemic (obviously) . Is there a demon or entity any of u know of that can be employed and paid by offering that specializes in pest control??

Yes, something like that is possible, though I don’t know any exact techniques. In the book The Magus of Java, the author describes his teacher showing him how to use his chi to repel mosquitoes so he could meditate outside without being bothered.


Funny history, it was a guy who talk too much i mean long pages of nothiness. Never straight. I ask him plz to the point bcse he was given a big secret of repeal bugs etc. Well he say go and ask yourself mf. And get mad. His big Secret ? Look for a goetia spirt and evoke to get the bugs off. He tink i was mockering him wen i say tat he treat me. Baad. Bcse i post bfre him. Go look goetia spirts. And invoqe their help.

Never hear of centipedes or bedbugs. Using magik but i will chk mantras if i was you.