Frequencies in theta state?

The way I was taught in meditation involved focusing on your “third eye” and listening to the frequency of your state of being.

I don’t know what has been reported on this but this frequency is often heard when it’s really quiet and you are totally relaxed(i.e when you are out camping) It sounds like a consistent but mild static. when you are more use to hearing this frequency. It won’t matter how loud it is around you.

Now this guru mentioned this is only the first state of existence. When you meditate on this sound and third eye more deeply. You can hear a progressive change in the tone. Such as birds chirping, drums, the gong, or even a choir-like symphony.

I am really interested in maintaining theta gama sync and I wonder if this technique is utilized at all if ever.

If you mean the high pitched sound i think it’s etheric.I can hear it when i invoke energies.It’s static and it has a high and thin frequency.
Propably that’s why your guru mentioned that this is only the first state of existence

I hear high pitched frequency noises sometimes when a spirit is trying to communicate with me, like when someone who is wearing a microphone clipped to their shirt gets too close to the external speaker that it’s connected to and you hear that Screeeechh…squeeeel…noise that makes everyone quiver in their skin like nails on a chalkboard, except on a much more softer and toned down scale, it doesn’t hurt my ears at all, it is tolerable but just weird because I first lose the hearing completely in one or both ears like I’ve gone deaf for a moment then followed by this high pitch squeel, followed by a static or whispering noise.

Lately when I hear that starting to happen I stop what I’m doing because I know something is trying to tell me something so I try to be quiet so I can listen.