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I think it’s mostly a crock of shit, honestly. I know Masons. My grandfather was 32nd degree Scottish Rite. He turned down the 33rd degree for some unspoken reason, however. Then again you can’t even join the SR division unless you are a professed Christian.

The Freemasons are just a social club that allows you to up to your societal status and networking ability, who also happen to dabble in ceremonial magick practice in their higher degrees of certain sects in Freemasonry.


In my opinion, there is nothing “Satanic” about it. Nothing makes me laugh quite like certain anti-Masonic conspiracy theories. I come from a line of Freemasons, and have personally been involved with three different Masonic-affiliated groups, although I am not a Freemason. Generally, it’s social and charitable.

However, that doesn’t mean that energy isn’t being raised. I’ve had a few moments where I could feel a sharp, unmistakable current of psychic energy in the lodge room, sometimes at the oddest of times. However, at least in my area, most members are devout Evangelical Christians, and know nothing about magick whatsoever (and would be horrified if they did.)

I do think that if one possesses a penchant for Freemasonry and its affiliated rites, that individual may also be good at certain types of ceremonial magick, simply due to the repeated development of the knowledge and patience to perform a ritual correctly.


It’s better to search the most old organizations, perhaps they suffered a certain “bad evolution” as well, but in lesser degree. Guénon while skeptical of the West advocated for freemasonry’s legitimacy (and the italian Arturo Reghini probably was of the same opinion) and Evola was less convinced… it may be that nowadays it’s still a good direction for pursuing initiation.

There is no secret.

The God of Freemasonry is Lucifer.



No need to worry about getting killed or raped or your balls (and/or penis) chopped off, or your tongue cut out.

Enough already!

Peace and blessings.


The Freemasons are primarily a fraternal organization. Members join for the purposes of socializing and networking. My stepfather was an architect and Free Mason and he claimed it was like a guild starting in ancient times and had some religious overtones to strengthen belief in the guild and show your dedication to other members and prospering.

What has happened is that many writers of fiction and Hollywood have vilified the Masons with there own theories which have no bases of fact but are merely created to sell a book or make a movie hoping to cash in and make millions.

Many claim the Masons are evil and there symbols represents hidden Satanic meanings of the occult, what rubbish! What I have learned is that no matter how fantastic the lie once it makes its way into print or made into a movie it takes on a life of its own.

The Freemasons have a great website outlining their philosophy and list and demonstrate many of the symbols in question.

There are several threads regarding the Masons, here is one to get you started if you want to research it.


All my grandparents and their grandparents are freemasons, it’s a headache that they think Lucifer is God.

Once time i was talking to one of them and it was like:

She: You know something, the G is Lucifer.
Me: …No.
She: Yes, he is.
Me: No, I am the G.
She: No! I’m not talking about you.
Me: Well, I do, nice to meet you.

Ah, that postmodern individualism so characteristic of my youth, gives me life, i won’t lie.

Freemasonry here is like having a Netflix membership, you can even find in the houses of the cities the symbolic distribution that they occupy for their “lifestyle,” personally, I think that it can helps in some rituals. Also, personally, I think that sometimes they are overly exaggerated with how ceremonious and pompous they are in their meetings, i preferred the covens that make my neighbors (the screams at 3:00 AM is more exciting, haha :hocho:), BUT it has its advantages policies, they treat you with more respect and those things, hacks of daily life … sometimes the people here are easily impressed :upside_down_face:


Regarding Freemasonry I suggest you study the origins of the Golden Dawn. Freemasonry contains many secrets, but because the majority of Freemasons haven’t a clue the secrets continue to guard themselves until individual Freemasons discover them, as was the case with the Golden Dawn initiates.

Amongst other groups I’m using the Freemasons to achieve my Aeonic ends regarding Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most importantly, China! Things are going swimmingly.



Part of the Enlightenment philosophies that hold the less fortunate back.