Freehanding circles

I’m planning making my first magic circle using a sheet of black or blue fabric and some paint pens. (Easy to fold and store in a cabinet.). however I can’t typically freehand even small circles on paper. A much bigger one, while working on a sheet on my floor… Yeah I’m sure to goof this up. I’ve seen some of your pictures on this forum of your circles and they all look nice and round. How did you possibly do that?

oO Take something perfectly round and paint around that

That was my first thought too. Works well enough for little circles, just over turn a cup or something. But for something so big, I have no idea what I would even use to trace the shape of. I’m not going to go anywhere close to nine feet. While that’s often said to be “correct” I understand that that’s just unnecessarily huge. I was thinking maybe four feet. But still I don’t have a round object that big either.

Here’s a simple solution,

  1. get some cheap cardboard and put a hole in the center.
  2. Thread a rope in that hole, the rope should be the radius you want for the circle.
  3. Using the rope in the center as a guide trace the circle on the cardboard.
  4. Cut out the circle.
  5. Use the cardboard circle as a guide, and trace it on the fabric.
  6. Have fun and make it magickal.
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You could even use a piece of string in the size of the radius you want, safety-pin it to the centre, piece of chalk or something on the other end to draw the circle - something like that’s going to probably be the simplest way.

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Get a hula hoop

Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll experiment with these methods. And of course if I use something like chalk to draw with initially, it would be easy as anything to fix a mistake. Then go over it later with paint once I get it right.

Haha, maybe its a bit silly to want to make one myself, since such things of obviously available likely for many different websites these days, but nevertheless, I’m driven to make my own.

It’s more traditional to make your own tools, so not silly at all - I can see the point of buying them because manufacturers can do them to a higher spec, washable, etc., but making your own magickal tools is a kind of time-honoured thing. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly it I think. I can easily image a time centuries ago when such practices were far from open and allowed and to be caught would would hold dire consequences, and the only tools one would have had would have been anything they crafted themselves and likely kept hidden, stashed away to be brought out at night when no one was likely to find out. Sure many things made and sold today are cool adnd if anything truly spoke to me I would certainly think of buying a ready made tool. But there is something somehow magical and time honored about the old way I think.

I don’t think I could just sit down and make anything like this:

Going by some of the stuff posted earlier, it’s washable - I use black cowhide, which really works for me (represents Auðumbla, the primeval cow of Norse mythology) and I use stuff representing the 7 classical planets as the “circle” - I mean I place them in a circle around me.

I’ve been using that for ages, and with success, so I guess it’s down to what makes sense and works for you, I’m told the script on the UC blocks the “clockwork mechanism” (probablistic outcomes arrived at through natural law) and so there’s a different kind of advantage there.

As a kid I used this round rug we had (I was as much playing as anything, but still some of those gods and spirits stayed with me), I was pretty devastated when my mum decided it wasn’t worth taking one time when we moved… :\