Free will

Do you guys think there is such a thing as free will?
Do humans or other animals possess it?
What do the demons and angels think of it?
P.S. I think free will is a nonsensical concept.

There is no fundamental free will but it seems to be very important in our illusion of personal experience. However, there is unlimited freedom with true self-knowledge and the surrender of the personal ego.

Who programmed me to respond to this thread? How? When? What? Who? And Why? Are we hacked? Are we written on pages in stone? Are we matrix? Are we on stage for bored fat gods to watch while they snack in their undies in their lazyGod recliner?

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I guess we are living in a simulation, more like a multi simulation
Reality is often disappointing
Shit doesnt go the way we want, the way we plan
Someone has the remote, not us though

No offence, but if you don’t believe in free will, in personal willpower, then what are you doing on an occult forum called Become A Living God? That seems nonsensical.


If I believe in free will, will it become real? BTW… Nonsensical isn’t quite the right term. Incoherent is better. Free and Will cannot exist together imo.
Willpower and free will are not the same ideas.

Yes, free will is its own concept but nonetheless, the will in the term free will is still the same will as the will in willpower.

You either believe in it or you don’t, and my question was, what’s your interest in magick if you don’t believe in your own willpower? Forget becoming a living god, how about just the power to effect change in your life?

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Of course I do believe in Will(which is the basis of all magick) but I’m saying the will that we direct/impose on reality itself has no doer. Even a tsunami can be considered a manifestation of nature’s will but it doesn’t mean it actually has independent/autonomous agency. I’m arguing the same for humans. One could say that the need to direct my will on reality itself is present because we are creatures of desire. And we have no control over our desires. As Schopenhauer put it “Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills”.

I’m just going to point out that desire and will aren’t the same thing, and leave it there.
See: causal vs acausal, in terms of free will (and the concept of Wyrd).