Free Thyself: The Wolf Howls

There are moments of weakness and moments of strength. I choose to seek wisdom from the Earth. From the Tree of Life. I choose to believe in me. In my absolute ability to create an outstanding life based on kindness, patience, empathy, and love.

For love moves life forward. It changes the heart. I choose to love me. I choose to change my heart.

Words to free me from my past:

I wish to be free of you. You’ve haunted my memories and my heart. I changed for you and became ashamed of who I am.

You filled my head with promises. My heart was joyous when the birds sang in the morning. My thoughts were with you at every moment.

I rid myself of you in my heart, mind, body, and soul. No longer am I ashamed to, once again, swim naked in the waters of my childhood. Nor run free in the fields.

You want to lay down with a Goddess? No. Leave. And when the door closes, I shall remember you no more. I take back my heart, mind, body, and soul. I take back my nakedness. I free myself of any negative energy. I free myself of restraints of the past. I free myself to live for a positive future.


(Journal Update. Topic: Cutting Family Ties)

I am Earth. I am the Goddess of Healing, Nurturing, Kindness, Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy. My words will haunt you for the rest of my life. As my heart offers you forgiveness, it does not mean you have my trust. My trust in you has faded with the winds.

The word Protector is stripped from your ever present haughty title; I no longer call you my brother. My blood and your blood may carry the same blood of the ancients; yet, you are the evil before my eyes. The raised hand of your never ending weakness to control, you’ve struck me down for the last time. My back is turned against your face, as I slowly fade away. My words will haunt you for the rest of your life.

My words:

I am Earth. You were my best friend, the hero of my dreams. On a pedestal you sat. You rose in fame and glory in the public eye. Yet, in the privacy of my home, your lips spoke venomous lies.

I am Earth. I forgive the war you caused in my heart. In my mind. I forgive myself for being a dutiful little sister. I forgive your words. I forgive myself for believing them. I forgive you for the lies. I forgive you .

I am Earth. I will always love you; it doesn’t mean I like you. I forgive you with all my heart; yet, all trust has been broken. I close the door.

The door has closed completely. We are no longer brother and sister. Father understands. Mother weeps. Our sister is bewildered. I chose the path of peace. While you fly towards the Northern winds, the Eastern winds will carry me far into understanding.

I am Earth. I stand strong. I stand to believe in myself. I stand and chose to walk the path of peace in my heart.

I am the Goddess of the Earth.

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(Journal Update. Topic: Right side. Left Side, strong side.)

My eyes are heavy. Sleep doesn’t come, my mind is fully aware of the decision before me. Stay within the realms of what I know. Or seek for greater understanding of life.

I am tired. A part of my soul wants to be a child when things were kept innocent. Where innocence was kept in the loop of daily life - it’s when the wind played with my hair. When rain tickled my skin while jumping into puddles. When the thunder drummed in time with my heart. And the lightening whispered my name.

The wind has stopped talking. Rain ceases to exist. Thunder rolls; yet, it no longer beats the tune of my heart. My name is no longer whispered among the skies. The tree is barren. Her leaves have fallen. She cries. I cry with her.

My words:

Winds of the West, carry me through the process of change. Ground me. Take away the guilt as I lean into the desires of my heart. Of my soul.

Winds of the South, hold me in your arms as I weep. Cherish me. Take away the shame of my past. Of my heart.

Winds of the East, walk with me as I come to understand the meaning of my life. Help me understand the meaning of my place within this world as the Goddess of the Earth. Take away the shame, the guilt I feel.

Winds of the North, bid me farewell. Grant unto me the desire of my womb. Let it rain. Let the thunder roar.

I have spoken. My eyes are heavy. When the sun draws down, I bid the night to let me sleep. And as I sleep in peaceful slumber - let me see the winds holding me. Let the thunder roll. Bring innocence. Let it reign. And when morning comes, allow me understanding.

Right side. Left side, strong side.

And so, it begins.

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(Journal Update. Topic: Blocks Put Up)

Kindly leave me to walk my path. Physic and spiritual blocks have been put up. I’m mentally immune until I heal completely. For I know who stands at the gate beyond the gate.

Until the full moon rises again, the Ancients speak no more. I go back to watching. My words have been summoned. I have been summoned back by The Tree of Life. Stand rooted. Stand strong. Respect. Now I watch.

To the winds, we leave. We respect. We have the knowledge we need. Everything spoken is a spell. Every thought we have is Magick. My lips are zipped.

It’s time to heal.


I hope you have a good time :heart: may you be blessed

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Um, thank you, my friend. However, I’m not taking a trip or going on vacation. I’m simply healing myself from all the shit load of abuse from my past.

I was summoned back by The Tree of Life. I’ll stand and watch. I’ll respect what I’ve learned. I’ll never speak ill of it. But, those in Black Magick are still very wary of me.

I don’t think most have ever seen or been around someone like. I tend to smile, a lot. I’m kind.

And frankly, haha, my house still needs to be decluttered. And cleansed from the negative energy.

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Hey I’m kind too. I just like making people smile :yum:

And I meant I hope that goes well :heart:


Artist Unknown. What little understand. Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the entire world it’s crooked. Who originally said this, I have no idea.

I’m part of the Ancient. She comes home.

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