Free Third Eye Development

So, here’s the deal.

I need guinea pigs people that are willing to take in some energy into their third eye. The purpose of this is to train my own third eye - the more energy I send, the more it gets developed.

Hence, for me, it is a matter of self-development, until I hit the next stage.

The benefits that you will get is a slight increase in your third eye abilities.

Don’t expect anything drastic.

If you can feel the energy, you are more than welcome to participate - but do tell me how the energy feels like. Reports are really important. And if you can’t feel it, that’s fine too.

The process itself takes 30 seconds, and I might send you some energy everyday. Depends on my mood, and how my third eye develops - if I do it too much, I might fuck myself up. :grin:

I will tell y’all when this energy exercise experiment ends, and I won’t be sending energy anymore after that.

Whoever wants to participate, just write in this thread, I will send you some energy when I’m free, and then write down your experience in this thread when you feel the energy.

Let’s go. :grin:


Please… me!


Sent to both.

Me please

Go full force lightning on mine.



Just finished sending to all four of you. :slight_smile:

Felt it…

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Feel concentrated at work, feel energy in my head that’s just screaming focus

I’m game.

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Why not

I was too concentrated with work so I can’t remember feeling anything… but now that you told me, I do feel a small tingling sensation in my forehead

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I’ll rest for an hour or two, and then you’re next. :smiling_imp: :grin:


I think I’ll pass on being a guinnea pig (your current load looks exhausting), but I want to keep tabs on this :slight_smile:


Sounds good just let me know :laughing:

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Sending you some energy now. :slight_smile:

And done.

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Thats a lot of pressure on the temples…

Good morning :laughing:

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I did a consecration and it moved to my third eye and is now back to my temples.

My blackened fire is burning very steadily though, so thank you.