FREE Tarot Readings!

Hey guys, I love the community, you guys have helped so much.
Just private message me what you want to know.

It could be about anyone


Is there a way to private message?

Id like to get a reading from you if possible

could you send me a message please :slight_smile:

I cant pm as of yet <3 <3

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I would absolutely love to have a thorough reading done. If fact, I believe I need it to gauge where I am now, where I’m going and compare that to where I’ve been. Its been a long time since I had a reading done from someone who actually knows what they are doing! Send my a time, your time zone and I’ll meet you there! We can email, or do it here- it don’t much matter to me, just as long as I get a true reading. HMU when u can! Gracias!

I would love one also! I would appreciate it a ton , i’m trying to learn myself!

Would appreciate one too please. Sending PM now.

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I sent a pm :slight_smile: so nice of you to do this , looking forward:)

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What is a PM and how can I develop and use it?


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PM sent :slight_smile: thank you

I’m sending you a PM! I know you must have gotten so many requests, so this is a long shot but I’d be super grateful! <3

I would love to have a reading, I will send PM.

Cant private message yet I guess, would love a reading.

Love to have a reading. PM sent.

Sent that info you needed.

I’d love to have a reading in regards to career. Thank you so much!

I’d really like a reading on my spiritual path. :green_heart:

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Sending a PM now

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Pm send! :star_struck::sunglasses: