Free Tarot Readings

I am offering 9 card basic spread for anyone with 1 question in tarot. I would honestly rather have exchange because I am hitting a plateau right now.

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I would love to know if I’ll get the job I’m hopping for , right now :blush: nice of you to do that !

Sorry what did you mean by exchange? Like someone read for you in return ?

I’d like one but can I PM you? I can’t do tarot for an exchange yet though if that’s an issue, if it is I understand, just letting you know upfront. I got a deck recently but I haven’t done a draw and need to study the cards.

P.m. me your question.

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Can I have one? I cannot do tarot for an exchange because I am still in beginner phase and did not reach till that point

I would like one please

I would appreciate one. I don’t exactly have a question so if you could do a general that would be fine as well.

I would very much appreciate one! My question is, am I on the right track for a breakthrough in the lab?

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Now, that’s a good one. Using magick to further science, I love it

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me too

Ooooh can I please have one?

I’m interested.

Can i have a reading please?
I can do one for you.

I’m interested and I can do a rune reading for you as an exchange.

My question would be “Will I be able to get the money to visit my friend in Cyprus by July?”

Would love one even if I don’t get it thanks for offering such a cool service