Free Tarot Readings

Im a beginner 4 months going strong hit me up


What exactly do you mean? :thinking:
Are you offering readings or do you want to practice?

Im offering free readings


Oh that’s nice, I would like to get one :slight_smile:
Do you want a PM?

May I get a reading please

I would like one as well.

Interesting :thinking:

I will send you my pm, many thanks!

Awesome sauce, may I ask for one as well?

Ill be there in a lil

Read me =] read my future for the next 12 months

I Pm’d you

Hey…lol Pming you


Yes, preease.

I’ll take one Thanks

I would love to get a reading

I would love a reading as well please, thanks.

I’d love one. Should I pm you?

Id like one too

I would like one also please, please IM/PM me, thank you