Free Tarot Readings - Closed

As i am from now on allowed to do free readings, i will start with 5 Tarot Readings.
I will symbolically use my Raider Waite deck for this, since this is my first deck ever, have this deck for a very long time.

Divination is something i really love to do and been active in the past on several other fora.
So i will try to do readings often with various scrying methods.

The first 5 who give a reaction will receive a reading!



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I have a hard time know in my life and if you can read me that would be so nice. To know some things how things is going to be in the near future. I struggle with my magick and spiritual growth. Blessings from /Addi

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I would like to get some insight

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Congratulations for hitting the 90 day mark. Thanks for sticking around :slight_smile:

I would love to take you up on the offer of a reading.

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I hope i am not to late. Would really like to take you up on your offer :grin:

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And that is 5! ^^

It feels bad to be the sixth :frowning:

actually the seventh xp sombody asked via pm too as the 6th

Just in case you do more :smile:


For this topic :smiley:
I will do (hopefully) plenty more in the future.
Not only Tarot though.
Got some good ideas ^^


Would suggest you change your tittle to be (Closed) so that people would not bombard you.

And good luck with your reading!

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Ah indeed!
Good idea!

Don’t reallly seem to find how to do it…

There you go

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That was fast!
super @A_Pariah to the resscue ^^

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hi want a free tarot reading card can you respond to my request please if its still available

Dude, can’t you see that this thread is over a year old and the OP is no longer on the forum?

Sorry i didnt notice