Free Tarot readings (Closed Now)

I start to practice Tarot readings, someone of us want a simple 3 card readings?

I only want in exchance your feedback :grin:


Can i get one?

M in.

Pm your question

Pm your question pls

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I would love to take up your reading offer @Ghathanar - I will PM you :blush:

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I would like to have one.
I will pm you.

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Sure, send pm

I will like one :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im in

Send pm

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Sendme a pm

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Can I get one?Thanks

Yes please!My question is will Stratis and I (Anastasia) meet in person by the end of this week?Thank you

Id like one if its not to late!

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Sure, send pm

Can i have one. Pm pls.

Pm sent βœ“

Close now.

I know it’s closed but can I get one whenever you can?