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Hello everyone, As I have completed my 3 months here I would like to Offer Free tarot readings to my BALG family. :slight_smile: Also it’ll help me practice and polish my tarot skills as I have only started a couple months ago. Choose whatever readings you want from below and please let me know beforehand if you need them in private. :slight_smile:

So I am offering -
General Readings - Single card. Past, present and future.Situation, Action and Outcome.Three options And Celtic cross

Spiritual Reading - Mind, Body, spirit. Dream Interpretation and Lilith spread

Growth - Self Assessment and Advice

Career - Spread on How to reach your future goals. Work problems. Turbulent Finances and Understand your current trajectory in your career and assess the long term picture

Love - Relationship spread. Compatibility spread. Broken heart


Spiritual Reading and love.

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M in

Spiritual , growth and love please .

In the pm please


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This one for me please? It can be public :slight_smile:

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Please choose which reading you want from Spiritual Reading or love like do you want mind, body and spirit Reading from the section Spiritual readings or a simple Relationship spread from the Love section :slight_smile:

Please specify which reading do you want from the spiritual reading section :slight_smile:


Mind, body ,spirit please

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Hi :wave: relationship spread for me please, thank you!

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Can I have a situation, action and outcome one in PM please? Thank you.

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Hey can I dm you about mine?

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Here it is -

Weakness - what are my worst qualities, Who am i when I am at my worst? - Sometimes and often you lack the courage, Determination and joy. But also many times you are Fiery, Determined and strong. You are a natural leader whose courage in the face of adversity is an inspiration to all around you.

Strengths - What are my best qualities? Who am I when I am at my best? - You are a person who is a warrior, your wounds are still fresh, but you have also come to an understanding that the betrayal that you suffered needed to happen in order for you to move forward in some way. You are Grateful and full of wisdom when you are at your best.

Advice - Given my strengths and weaknesses, what should I be doing? - You should remove the feelings of self doubt, Weakness and insecurity. Recent obstacles have created some insecurity about your abilities. A feeling of not being ready for the challenges that life gives you predominantes this reversed card. You should be acknowledging your vulnerabilities in order to build more inner strength and to remove the feelings of self doubt, weakness and insecurity.

  • I hope it helps :slight_smile: :sparkles:
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A general reading in private pls…

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Wow! Amazingly accurate and detailed! Great reading!

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Career reading please. :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

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I could sure use, one… Spiritual

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Could i have a spiritual and career reading please?
Thank you for this :yellow_heart:

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Reading for Mind, body and spirit

Mind - *What is the state of your mind? What are you thinking about? - Community, Home and Celebration is in your state of mind or what you are thinking about. A celebration of harmony, happiness and good relationships. It is a time of peace for your mind after a period of hard times.

Body - What is the state of your body? How are you feeling - The state of your body is Abundance, power and security. The fruits of worldly ambitions have Also brought some financial success. You are feelings happy to share all that you have accumulated.

Spirit - What is the state of spirit? What does your higher self say? - Your spirit is Imbalanced, Broken, tension. Your higher self says about having a lasting and equal partnerships with your spirit is difficult here, the communication between you and your spirit has broken down somehow, and it is difficult to get on the same footing again. Think about what can you do to fix what’s broken.

Reading for self Assessment and Advice

Weaknesses - What are my worst qualities? Who am I when I am at my worst? - Unbridled ambitions, Thinking about winning at all costs and sneakiness are your worst qualities the card says. Victory has been Achieved, though it came with subtle consequence. By taking from your opponents their ability to fight back in some Form or fashion, you might have also created resentment. Your actions have isolated you from those who could be helpful later on in your life. In your worst you are a fighter but you also push away the close one’s in your worst.

Strength - What are my best qualities? Who am I when I am at my best? - Rebellion, Subversiveness and new approaches are your strength. At your best you might be feeling incredibly restricted in your life, and questioning whether the decisions that have been made were made with your true self in mind, or rather what others expect of you. You consider embarking on the road less taken. Free yourself and diverge from the norms which society expects of you. And pursue a new approach in life.

Advice - Given my strengths and weaknesses, what should I be doing? - There is a lack of communication, instability and home conflicts you need to work upon and make it better. Breakdowns in communication between friends and family lead to moments where there is thick tension, and an atmosphere where there is no stability. Your home life has therefore been difficult for you.

  • Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks … is there a growth and love reading that follows.? [quote=“mxa, post:3, topic:120361”]

…also if u could pm please …thanks

You are welcome.
Long awaited bro!

Hey !

Can I have a general one ? past / present/ future ? Public is fine.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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