Free Spellcasting For Three People

Hi everybody, I see that some ov, us with skills in tarot offer free readings. So I am offering what I am skilled with to help us all out.

Lady Eva-awesome chick, just my opinion-advised me to offer my services to three people. Because thus is my first time offering free spellcasting to people.

So I am turning on email notifications for thus thread, because it is simpler for me if anyone that wants an free spell just messages me here. I find that quicker.

Update, only two more spots left.

One for Me ???

Me too :slight_smile:

I’ll take a spot if one is left.

Nu final spot goes to goth Batman! In my goth heart, I see DarkestKnight as an goth Batman, like facial make up nu all that.

Yikes! I missed this offer too. I could not get online yesterday, and I could use your help, man!

I love my runes, they are ceramic though, waiting to get wooden ones so I can infuse them with the blood of Odin.