Free Song from Korgon : The Breath of Lilith

Hello all,
Here it is a limited 100 downloads, of the first song of my upcoming album “Tales from the Absolute”, wich combines some alloud chillout and deep meditation music. The Breath of Lilith, such a kind of first single, is a meditative song in approach to the Lilith Qlipphot Sphere. For whom are gonna try it for meditation, use the bass flows on the song for breathing and work on your own dark paradigm ( even Malkuth for Kabbalistics ) to reach the desire state in Lilith Sphere.



I downloaded the track. I will try meditating with it in the Qliphoth Lilith. Is the whole album going to be based on the concept of meditating on the tree of death?

Indeed the album has no form yet, but will work in the spheres that i was working on, to be honest and coherent to the listener and to myself. I cannot compose a sound without the experience cause would be non ethical approach. The album will work in the middle pillar of the Qlipphot tree, and will include music for Lesser banishing of the Pentagram ( Angelic and Demonic Mode, Middle Pillar Uranus Mode and Hecate Mode ) to give a tool for previous meditation or inmerssive states before evocation. Im working on the sound while im entering on the states, so, for sure will not cover all the tree of Knowledge.