Free Services: Look Before You Leap!

If one is serious wanting magick spells cast, just put the time to learn it. Wanting others to do magick for you is lazy and irresponsible.

Especially if it’s free. Us folks that actually learn magick seriously knows how challenging it can be to learn magick and how easily it can be to mess things up. So casting magick by oneself is also considered personal protection. If your not willing to learn about magick yourself and the many troubles that can come with it, then don’t bother with others casting magick for you, it’s for your protection. Not everyone needs magick as a cure all fix for whatever present issues that is happening in one’s life.

For me , i would never let someone cast magick on me even if it’s free. Too many things can go wrong. magick takes long time to learn if one don’t have proper background. It can take yrs of dedication. IF people are asking to give free magick, think. They are not on par with magick so your just a guinea pig. No way would i want to be a guinea pig with magick. Magick takes time and yrs to learn. If they want to give free magick within a few months, then you are just getting a newbie running a muck. Very dangerous.

There’s so many layers to magick and not to be triffle with like a game. This is one of those things that can easily mess up your life. So think it through about letting others cast magick on you for you.

If the one that give free magick service wants practice. they can practice on themselves.

readings are safer but still one have to be careful as if one believe too much into readings, it can cause one to astray. No one knows how accurate another’s reading is. I like to emphasize, just learn the skills yourself if it’s important to you. don’t take shortcuts.


That’s like saying if one is serious about plastic surgery they should go and study it. Like all careers, and sorcery is a type of career, some people what the services not the practice and work that comes with trying to be successful at magick.


If you are saying, that some people prefer someone else to do the work for them, of course they do. Not everyone can or wants to learn any particular thing, let alone magic. :joy:

Thusly they should use good discernment, as all of us should with any service, about who they use to do the service for them and make informed decisions, which is the aim of this post.

I have no hat in game of learn it yourself or get others to do it for you-myself. I realize now that I’ve read @wisepup reply, that you probably meant him, and well. I disagree with his broad generalization. I don’t think it’s just lazy, to pay someone for a skill set you don’t have. I cannot personally fly a plane, and I don’t think it’s lazy to purchase a plane ticket to fly across the country.

I do agree you should really think it through however.

There is a lot of value to doing the magical work yourself, but it is not for a everyone.


magick is in a different category from everyday service of mundane route. It’s not to be triffle with. There is too many unknowns. There’s no regulation like a surgeon. you can’t tell if the magician is real or fake. Even if they are real, you don’t know their level of competency. Lots of magicians claim to be master but they aren’t. it is just in their heads. There are many ways to get what you want that dont’ need magick. People have live life without magick service for generations so it’s not a requirement. Magick is on field you have to do your research on. No being lazy about it or quick fix. those who want to pay for magick are usually desperate situation. they haven’t exhaust other possible solutions so that is sign of laziness. They ask for help without even researching the basics of magick. So it’s dangerous. No wise consumer will pay for a service they know nothing about. when you go for surgery, there are disclosure of possible dangers/risk.

It’s not hard to learn basics info or even basics of magick. there are good books on it. If one can’t even read one book on magick. than use another tool. I’ve seen people on here who won’t even read one book on background basics of magick. just searching or asking for spells they do. I call that being lazy. Or they jump at anything anyone offer free without realizing the harm that can be done on them.

Once one learn basics, then they can decide to use magick. that’s called being responsible for self.

Bump, cuz I am going back to bed, but see lots of questionables.

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Thank you!

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I’m a very cautious witch and am so scared to do anything that could cause harm to my family(I have 3 kids) but I want to Thank you for this. My senses aren’t open but ive been practicing.

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It takes time on your senses, and it never hurts to be too cautious, and at least be aware and know how to take care of things if problems arise, because bad things can happen. It won’t to everyone, but just like when you are driving a car, or crossing the street, you want to look both ways before you do so, and if you don’t, once in a while it’s going to suck balls. :slight_smile:


Okay so I was asked in pm, to mention a scenario that someone witnessed occurring a while back. The origins of those involved were from here, but then took it off platform, to another messaging platform where balg had no authority, and honestly it wouldn’t have mattered if they had.

I am going to try to keep short, as I hope it doesn’t happen often, but I can see the validity in knowing it does occasionally happen.

Essentially there was a magician doing rituals for hire. He would be hired to do healing, reunite lovers, the whole shabang. He would collect links to the targets such as names, dob, pictures and then send ritual photos back to the person who had hired him.

Sounds good right? Well the problem was, he was doing rituals, but not the rituals he was hired for. He was using the targets for baneful magic practice, and shared amongst his friends, and even laughed about how his clients had no idea what he was doing.

I don’t want to get into the drama of past things or any of that, but I can say I conversed with this magician and quickly realized he was not someone I wanted to learn from myself, though when I first encountered him, I thought he had a lot of knowledge and it took several conversations for me to get it.

So once again, just a friendly reminder to be careful, if you are able to do the work yourself- you are way better off, just because while I think this is not an everyday occurrence, not everyone out there doing things for free, or even for hire, have good intentions.


Bump! We have a large number of newer members, once again with parasitic symptoms- so just want to remind everyone to be safe :slight_smile:


This topic is spooky to say the least, but nonetheless truthful and very helpful. I guess the same thing can be said about certain subliminals on YouTube. Pater Amadeus, who offers subliminals, gives us a warning in this vlog entry:

His channel:

The problem is, it is virtually impossible to tell a genuine subliminal from a malevolent one.

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Wow i have so much respect for you.

Thanks for being the person that you are.

I am still new on the forum so i could not send a PM to show my appreciation.

Hugs, Ryan


Aren’t E.A. and his partners offering spellcasting for hire?

Honing one’s magickal skills may take quite a long time; a good caster can come handy. If something is broken in one’s home, one may fix it oneself or if it’s safer or more practical, call a plumber or an electrician and so on. One can cut or dye one’s own hair (many had to do so lately), but there’s nothing wrong w/ going to a hairdresser (for many, it gives better results w/ less damage caused).

Some recording artists do it all alone, but many, though very involved in the making of their songs, will still have recourse to co-composers, musicians, co-producers, engineers, sometimes backup singers…

I like the idea of collaborating w/ another mage on an objective. There are also group workings: many mages working towards a common cause. I totally understand the need for magick for hire (w/ occasional free spells), but yes, one must exercise due caution.

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with magic, i don’t trust others. why? because of all the elements that require magick to work and you can’t verify if they doing it right/proper. it’s just taking someone’s word on it. you don’t get what you pay for. Mundane service you can get feedback of quality as you actually see it and you know they are trained. There is no proof someone can do magick as it’s very subjective. You can’t validate service the way your saying with mundane service comparison. Some things you have to do it yourself cuz of intention and connection thread of life situation. parameters are different. It’s like saying. I am going to hire someone to exercise for me. LOL.

some things you need to do by self to have higher chance of success. There’s too many variable in magick. Not everyone can do it for others. And also, there’s too many scams and it can go the wrong way.

You can’t compare buying a mundane service with magick cuz of being too many grey areas of what’s magick.

If one is serous about magick. one will find ways to learn. the ones that don’t want to learn? they just want quick fix and magick isn’t like that. they better off with mundane route. Many trying to use wrong tools for the job. People who go to magick as quick fix are usually desperate folks. Magick is a journey not a fast food shopping.

But I might hire a personal trainer, which is exactly what someone who is good with their rituals for hire is. They aren’t also doing work for their clients, they are coaching them on what the client can do and should do to help themselves get the result, giving them activities to do themselves that aid the process and a score of other things in addition to lighting a candle and shaking a jar.

You can’t compare it with your grocery purchases, but you can compare it to choosing a pediatrician or a brain surgeon. Both of those need to know the medical field so well that they could harm the patient or kill them with their knowledge, in order to practice safely in the medical field.

Honestly, I think it’s more productive to agree to disagree, and let you see yourself out on this one. It’s not a matter of whether or not people should or can do the work themselves, duh that’s the best option if it’s possible, but it’s not always, and some people no matter how many times you advise them to do the work themselves, are going to pay someone else to do it.

This thread is about safe when they do that, but even more than that, when they accept something for free, from a random supposed magician on our forum, who may or may not have any experience and may or may not have intentions of furthering their skills, helping the individual, growing their business by getting people to look at their post and what they do etc.

It’s meant to be a reminder to use the best discernment available to them, and while it applies to every one of us whether we are offering the occasional free reading, or just lingering in the background watching, it was really aimed at the newer folks that don’t even know what is real and what is not yet in the magical world.

:grinning: :grinning:

I’m an adult, you’re welcome to your opinion as I am mine, but it really doesn’t apply to what this thread was meant to do and say, so it’s nothing personal- I’m just trying to get us back on track as it’s an unnecessary derailment to continually argue over whether or not the people reading this can and should do the work for themselves. Let’s just assume that no matter what you say, they are going to do what they want as far as that goes, and encourage them to be a bit smarter about it. :slight_smile:


Bump! :grinning:

My two cents: If you’re going to hire someone to do a ritual or a pact for you, do your research. Write out the pros and cons of working with the particular person you’ve chosen and think about it. It’s a decision that should be made with thought and care, and not hastily.

On the other hand, a personal practioner, can learn how to work their own ritiuals and can do their own pacts if they have patience with themselves.

Personally, in my own opinion, one should only go through a third party if you feel that you need an extra hand in accountability.

As for free services: Steer clear of people who make big promises.

One should always be invoking themselves.

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Just a vanity bump, due to seeing a few topics on similar subjects recently, and a reminder to all that anyone offering free or paid services has some sort of agenda, be it good or bad so use your best discernment with your situations and thephone a friend Life Line when needed. :slight_smile:

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