Free Rune Readings

If or when you have time , could you give me a general reading?

Thanks for doing this for so many of us! I’ve been having trouble pinpointing exactly which entities have been helping me or want to work with me in the future. Can you please help shed some light on that (especially the latter) when you get the chance?

@Mani is it okay to pm you the question ???

Can I have a rune reading, if possible

Ill pm you

Please divine for me whst you see in my marriage . Thank you much appreciated.:pray::hugs:

@mani can i pm you

Can i please get a reading?
I would like to know, am i being lied to. And also what entities are trying to contact me

I pmed you some days ago. You propably havent seen it with so many people asking for readings. I comment here just in case, since I didnt leave a comment in the post back then.

My apologies to everyone. School work has been dreadful. I’ll get to everyone when I can. Understand I’m not ignoring anyone, I’ve just been swamped with work as exam season gets closer!


If you have time, I just want to know will I be working again and are there any entities around me that will help me? I don’t wanna be evicted and homeless again.

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I would like a reading if you can please.

Ive beem having a hard time in many aspects and i need guidance. I need help i feel drawn to this path (im very new. ) i need to know whom i feel is watching over me. I feel its lucifer, but im not sure can u help?

I’d like to PM my question.

Hi Mani. I would like to know If I am going to get a job in the ner future. I have a hard time getting a job right know but i am more then willing to work. No rush do! i can wait. Do what needs to be done first then rest. :blush: //Love & Respect, Addi

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I would like to thank for (Mani) for reading.
He was very helpful and I recommend it to all of you.
The strength of his reading is to direct reading to your own interpretations.
It’s as if he was helping you read in the past and the future he adds himself to it, he gives a solid scaffolding, for your initiation into yourself and possibilities.
Unusual reading but apt.
Thank you :face_with_monocle:


@Mani would you like to read me?


I know I keep post-poning them but my exams are literally next week. I can get rune readings done after next week…hopefully


I wish you all the power to study and pass your exams :muscle:t2:


Hido you still do free readings?

Eventually I will start again. As I’ve moved house I need to get a new set up