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These show all the meanings of the runes.


how does my crush feel about me? :sweat_smile:
also general advice for me?

thank you😍

Hey everyone, please bear with me while I get through all these requests for readings! I’ll get to you eventually so please have patience


Take your time. Thank you for doing this. Its much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m down for a rune reading when you have time, @Mani.

I would appreciate a glimpse into the near future, as far as the next month, to see what currents are at play in my life right now and if my goals will be realized.

Thanks for being patient with me. Remember one thing, the future is often fickle, the smallest thing can have the largest reaction. If you put your energy and will in to having this future than perhaps it will happen.

I have drawn from my bag the three runes of Fehu, Mannaz and Berkano.

Fehu is the rune of your past. Fehu is the rune of cattle and it represents wealth. Now, wealth isn’t always physical but in the sense of your question I believe it is so. You have desired wealth much the way I have in the sense, you want to get this money from a job and you want to keep this for yourself. It is not to say you wouldn’t share your wealth though. this leads to the next rune which is representative of your present.

Mannaz is the rune of your present moment. Mannaz is the rune of the self and it often represents augmentation of the self. Now, your desire for this job has began to manifest inself into you. You have put all of your energy into this, using money magick and various other different means to have this job. You alone have done all you could to ensure the fullest potential to get this job, from a well scripted CV, to good referals from people you know in your life. Leading to the rune of your future

Berkano is the rune of your future. Berkano is the rune of the birch tree. It represents fertility, growth and sustainance. Fertility is not limitted to children or to birth. Fertility can be seen as a new beginning from the decay. Whatever you have done to manifest this result, it will begin to flourish from the decay of your past mistakes. Your manifestation is reborn but what is fertility without the ability to nurture and sustain the fertile ground? You must continue to nurture your will to get this job and you should hopefully be able to get it.

All the best,

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how does my crush feel about me? , sorry for asking lol

Hello, Remember one thing, the future is often fickle, the smallest thing can have the largest reaction. If you put your energy and will in to having this future than perhaps it will happen.

The runes I have drawn are Ingwaz, Sowilo and Algiz.

Ingwaz is the rune from your past. Ingwaz represents fertility but not in the traditional sense. Ingwaz is the beginning of something, the actualization of potential. Whatever entity from your past has made you begin your path to the ascent and helped you to realise your maximum potential which leads to the next rune. The rune from your present.

The rune of your present is Sowilo. Sowilo is the rune of the sun. Perhaps you are working with the morning star himself Lucifer currently? Sowilo represents success and solace. In your working with this entity, which I believe to be Lucifer, they have given you the success you wanted and have given you a great comfort in the maximum amount of sadness you had felt for whatever event you had experienced. Leading into the final rune of your future.

Algiz is the rune of your future, Algiz represents protection from your enemies and defending that which you love. Whatever entity you are working with in the future is one of protection and one which can help you with your loved ones. This entity can help you defeat your enemy and keep you safe. It seems to me this entity truly loves you and who you are.

All the best,


To those who have not had a reading yet, I will continue my readings in the morning at my time. I’ll get to all those who have not had a reading yet! I am extremely tired at the moment and have put all my energy into these readings. I’ll continue tomorrow!


This held many more answers for me than what I originally asked. Thank you truly! This reading has given me confirmation to a few questions that I’ve sought for years

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Thank you so much ! Past and present are pretty accurate, and time will tell about the future ! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Just a general advice please, thank you!

Thank you very much for donating your time and energy @Mani. :heart:

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Thank you @Mani for reading, it’s very accurate :slight_smile:

thanks just want to know Im travelling with a girl on training next week and would like to know if we will have fun together

Thank you so much! You’re awesome - very insightful!

Can I get one for the near future please? :blush:

I have drawn the runes: Tiwaz, MAnnaz and Naudhiz.

Tiwaz is the rune of your past: It is the rune of Justice and represents victory and honour. This spirit you have invoked for a protection ward has been victorious in doing so but, you have not honoured that spirit. You have not given them the justice deserved for their protection. When a spirit asks for you to thank them, they mean it. It is a sign of disrespect to not give honour to that which has helped you which leads to the present rune.

Mannaz is the rune of self. It represents augmentation. Whatever spirit you have used has augmented your protection, has augmented you as to teach you a quick lesson. This protection is still there keep in mind but is weakened and can be broken if you are not careful. Strengthening this protection requires you to do it yourself, with your own willpower, leading into the next rune. The rune of the future

Naudhiz is the rune of your future. Naudhiz is the rune of need. It represents an unfulfilled desire. What is it that you have wanted to desire out of this protection? Have you receieved that which you have desired or are you still waiting for the result to manifest. This unfulfilled desire perhaps you are waiting ever so patiently for the spirit to complete it when they are telling you, you must fulfill the desire

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Thank you for your reading!It’s very accurate and very helpful!

it’s Ugallu.I’m a college student, and I can’t offer her a sacrifice in my dorm room.But I’ve now make the offering to her and thank her.

A local wizard invited me to meet him,but my tarot deck told me there was danger.Ugallu said: It doesn’t matter if it’s an emergency.So,i just opened the sigil and asked it.And at last weekend,i went home and finished it.

And yes,it was broken during my meeting.
Thank you very much!

Will I have a successful vampiric pathworking?