Free Rune Readings

Keep in mind I am still a beginner but I have experience with Runes. I want to further hone my experience so I am offering free rune readings for divination. Ask whatever questions you want and I will see what I can tell from within the runes. I cannot say that what I see or answer will be completely accurate especially since the future is not always as solid as it can be and anything can change but feel free to ask me. I’ll try my best to get to you as soon as possible


Will I get a job within 2 weeks? Thanks :pray:

Which entities are around me and are willing to work with me towards my ascent. Thank you.

I want one I will pm you

Which entities are around me that want to work with me? Please :slight_smile:

I’ll PM you @Mani

Pm-ing you!

PM’d you

Pm’d would love this.

I will PM you :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find the send message anyone know where this is

I invoked an entity to make a protect shield, but I don’t think I have handled it well.Could you tell me some thing about the result?Pease

Also I will PM you :slight_smile:

Me too. PM

Sending PM now.

Do me please .

Also do you have a quick link for where i can get started with runes? Thats an area i havnt even scratched really.

I know youre pretty knowledgable about norse stuff so id love to learn runic magic from you

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Which entities are around me that want to work with me? Please

me too!

I want one also :slight_smile:

Will i be cured soon ?

Thank you for the reading :smile: