Free rune castings

To celebrate the opening of my store I’m offering free rune readings to the first 15 people to post on this thread. Same deal as before, a free reading in return for feedback. The only difference is I’ll PM the first 15 posters and ask them what they’d like the reading on. Hope everyone enjoys and be sure to check out my store and give me a like on my Facebook page.

I would like a rune reading!

I’m definitely down for this. I fooled around with Runes for a few months in the Mastering Divination course…I kinda let it slide half way through and got hooked on evocations though(doh!), my last Rune meditation was RaiDo, the journey. I definitely would love a rune reading TWF.

I always felt they would tell me a powerful story. Hit me up TWF, I have a few things going on I’d love some insight into.

TWF, I would like one if I could. I have studied runes but they have never clicked with me as a reader but I would like a reading with them.


Damn it brain, think of a question! Oh, got one. I would love a reading.

Yes! I made it!

Sounds good man :slight_smile: Thanks.

Sweet! :slight_smile:

Definitely would love a rune reading. I’ve always been intrigued by them.

Going to check out the new pages now :wink:

that’s great! i’d also love to have runes cast for me!

sure im up for it. Should be fun.

I want one too.

-TWF- Hey Congrats, <> neat setup… I see you have listed “coming soon” ‘sangoma bone’ readings I hadn’t heard/seen that term before (always other aspects)… luck with all that…

I’d be interested in a rune draw-ing, if you would. [fdbk/comment in return for sure.] I’ve done some work with Runes as triggers of specific qualities, but they haven’t clicked with me divination-wise (sort of like how Azesiel mentions above).

Just woke up to my reading. Damn TWF is spot-on! Nailed the past, present and future pretty much just as I thought.

I have a few things I’m dealing with and have done some Tarot spreads over this, this rune reading just confirmed it for me.

Excellent work, TWF!

I was looking forward to this reading as I have never had runes read before.

I asked TWF about that currents and energies that would surround me as I close one chapter of my life at graduation and open another.

He saw three predominate energies relating to spiritual awakening (Which I think I am currently going through) society as a whole, and a current of short term disappointment as I may not have the cushy job I want right after I graduate.

definitely a time to reacquaint myself with some old spiritual allies who helped me with jobs in the past and make sure the energies are a’ brewing for success.

Thank you -TWF-,always great to have a reading from you!

There is one more available slot open if someone is interested.

I’ll go, could you give me any clues as to who this Edward character I mentioned in my pm to you is that’d be neat.

If somehow one of those readings falls off the back of the truck, I’ll take one.

Every time I disappear for a while you guys post this kind of stuff, I guess I should start getting online more.

Can I get a reading…I really need it.

Thanks Man