[Free Ritual] I am willing to do Azazel's Eye of Infernal Flames Ritual

So I am willing to do this ritual to increase your black flame and kickstart your ascent. I will be doing this to 3 people and will require video testimonials of whatever result they receive. Thank you.



Meaning ?

I have posted the ritual. It basically changes your third eye into a more powerful version and your body is filled with Azazel’s Black flame

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Does it have to be video though or is a written testimonial sufficient?

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Im down-

I will greatly appreciate this if you are still willing to offer the ritual. I’ve been working on strengthening my connection with Azazel and I feel this will help me in that. Please accept my request. I’ll happily offer a video review privately and if it’s not against the rules of the forum I will also mention the results of the ritual on my YouTube channel. Should they be great enough results to be a noticeable difference. Thank you for your time, consideration and energy.

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I have unboxed you

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I am down :slight_smile:

I think I’m #4 but I’m interested if willing :slight_smile:

Message me your name and picture and are you agreeing for a video and written testimonial?

Sure, that’s fine, not sure what exactly that means but I’ll do it lol

Basically tell me about your results.


I find it so awesome your offer and it will surely help the people who choose it. Azazel can reconnect a person to his/her trueself and that is so awesome. The Black Flame is so powerful and important especially for people at a crossroad. And yes totally awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


My friend for who I did this ritual cursed a woman subconsciously it was wild. His every ritual has yielded results after my rite.

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I’ve been working with Azazel for almost a year and find his teaching methods quick and Socratic. My divination abilities alone have increased nearly tenfold. He’s incredibly patient, witty and enjoys many types of communication ( Post-structuralist literary theory, to Physics) in the material plane, and in higher spacial realms. I would be honored to perform this ritual. After consulting Azazel, he says that this is the perfect next step in our master/teaching relationship. I’d be honored to create such a video and written testimonial.
Jonah Smithhart


Perfect man I will add you to the list


I wont be doing any more free requests for this rite. Thank you to all who gave me the opportunity to do this.

We both thank you for your time and work.

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That’s cool…