Free Pendulum Skryings

Hello all,
I am doing 10 free pedulums skryings to determine my skill level with the pendulum. each querent has a limit of 5 questions, 1 one session per person. (so each person has a total of 5 questions but can only do this once and im only allowing 10 people) as before in my tarot thread please post your questions and ill get to it asap. also please leave a rating of how accurate i am, so that i may improve as that is the goal here. :slight_smile:

9 left

Can I get a session?

  1. I had a very strange dream yesterday and I am wondering if was a human that astral project or a demon that took a human form?
  2. What is one of my enemies plan? Is he planning to move up on a higher level job in the same company? set still working on the task and is he going to complete it?
  3. Is asmodey going to complete the task? I going to get a lot of money this year?

you may. thats6


[quote=“Dragon Crow, post:5, topic:9181”]Sabina
Thank you!

mhmm. dont forget to rate accuracy

I will when I have the confirmation. For the nr 1. I assumed it was as you said. For others no confirmation yet.

im confused, was no.1 correct?

Can i have a session please Dragon Crow?

you may


  1. will i be succesful in my new job?
    2.Will my familys situation improve this year.
  2. The covent i belong is helping me to improve my life.
  3. Will i make a carreer in my new job
  4. Will i meet a new love in my life?

it was. It took a human form but I asked for it in purpose. But I wasn’t sure was just a random dream or was what I asked for. Nr 1was correct.

Dear Dragon Crow, i know your going through some tougth times, but when you are bette dont forget my questions please.

One moment and I’ll do them, gotta wash dishes

1 yes
3 no, also a spirit said that only you can improve your life
4 yes
5 yes

May I have one


  1. Is my ex doing ok
  2. Does Karla love me
  3. Is someone trying to curse my friend jovanni
  4. Will jovianni go to Vegas with me next year
  5. Could I date Claudia jasso long term in the future.

May I take a spot?