Free Past Life Reading for the first ten people [Closed]

So, today I was doing some searching, and I found a new tarot spread, a past life spread. I wasn’t really sure if I even believe in reincarnation and past lives. I heard so many things, but I often thought people were just making stuff up.

I decided to use my new turbo charged deck images from here and self written software program to pick out the six cards in the past life reading. I was like, wow, I really had a breakthrough and an insight into why I do what I do and also why certain aspects of my life seem so screwed up, namely career and making money. As it turns out, in a past life I was a workaholic who dropped dead from health issues due to overwork. I was like, omg, no wonder I am such a nag with people about not taking bs at work, not overworking, and not letting work influence poor health choices.

It also explains how I have been letting other people take crap at work to support me, because I don’t want to personally have to deal with it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still feel some of the negative effects even though I’m not the one actually doing it.

So, I want to share this with the first ten people here to beta test it. If it is anywhere near as amazing for you as it was for me, it could really change your life.

So here are the six cards
Past life spread.

  1. Who were you in your past life?
  2. What did you do in your past life?
  3. What were your challenges in your past life?
  4. How did you die in your past life?
  5. What did you learn from your past life?
  6. How have you been influenced by your past life?

I’d like one. Sounds interesting. What’s the physical layout of the spread? Might need to give it a try

Ooh this sounds interesting! Could I please have one?

Sounds really interesting yeah !
I am down for one please :slight_smile:

I would like to take a spot, please :slight_smile:

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sure i m in

Ohhh me please! This looks fun!


Yes please I would love to know something of my past life

may i have one please?

1 please for me

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Me please.

Please one

Me please❤

If is still open, I’d like one please

I was just talking about this last night too​:joy::joy:

May I have one too please if you’re still taking requests

I’m up for it if still available

Are you possibly going to be offering this again Jastiv?

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I’m late, but seams awesome, I hope you decide to do this on the future, good readings


This who you were in your past life.
Number: 52 Name: Five of Wands
You were a warrior in your past life.
This is what you did in your past life.
Number: 13 Name: Death
People died in combat because of you.
This was your main challenge in your past life.
Number: 56 Name: Nine of Wands
The hard part for you was trying to defend yourself and your people.
This is how you died in your past life.
Number: 44 Name: Seven of Swords
You died because someone betrayed you, basically, because you trusted someone you should not have.
This is what you learned from your past life.
Number: 53 Name: Six of Wands
From this, you learned the important thing in life is Victory.
This is how you have been influnced by your past life.
Number: 38 Name: Ace of Swords
As a result of this you strive to see through illusions and understand things as they really are.