Free magick without tools grimories spells etc

chaos magick falls into this realm as the sort of DIY magick i personally use very little only have used sigils, crystals, incense and candles but for the most part its just been me and my mind via meditation clairvoyance and getting vibes mental images also used the ouija a few times…so very little magick tools i have used and havent paid an arm and a leg for stuff like EA’s grimories magick circles talismans etc all that cost 200 and up via hard cash and a valid credit card…what do you guys think? magick for free on your own or pay tons of money for tools and books that could or could not help?? really curious since there are items i want on the site such as magick circles and some of the grimories maybe even the clothing…shirts are cool…:mage:

I think the tools are more for the practioner, than anything else. But at the same point, I’ve heard his circles are charged, similiar to how you would any other object. I think at the worst, tools provide a way to ease into the proper state of mind, and at best some have a charged energy.


The tools are necessary, otherwise you would have siddhis developed. the case is, chaos magick it’s not for begginers, people who works chaos magick know the principles of magick. You doesn’t need to spend all your money in magickal stuff, it’s not necessary. The cool thing is craft the stuff by yourself, there is no price to pay.


@Paulo_B Bingo. Couldn’t agree more. I love creating my own tools. It’s like a part of myself goes into each tool and the energies I charge it with and the energies I put into it blend. I think tools are necessary because magick is like technology designed to interact with our world and the higher (and lower) realms. The tools are time tested and proven to work. It might be pretty hard to click on things without a mouse. I think natural magick in nature is cool because you can craft spells with the things around you. The environment becomes your tool.