Free Chakra Clearing

Hello BALG!

I am offering free chakra clearing for the first TWO INDIVIDUALS that request it. Again, TWO INDIVIDUALS only. No exceptions.

What I will do:
Clear, realign and empower your chakras.

Clear, Realign, and empower your Physical, Astral, Mental, and casual bodies and even realign your Eternal Self so you can Ascend.

Clean your Aura

Requirements: These two individuals must be actively working towards their Ascent which means meditating, evoking, etc.
In the comments, list the things that you are doing currently to help your Ascent.

These individuals have certain blocks that act as final barriers to their Ascent be they psychological, energetic, or what have you.

This is NOT RHP shit! I will not be calling on Angels or Jesus to help you or me do these things. I will be calling on (first off) myself and my own power, and then powers of Destruction And Demons.

I am writing the way I am because I do not want to waste your time/my time.

If you feel, or better yet, know That the above is you then comment below and we’ll get started.

More Power to you,
Micah :v: :fist:


ME please gg. I’m not necessarily wanting to"ascend" in the traditional sense in that I don’t want to be a god but I want to be immortal so I can be with my lover for ever


What are you currently doing to help yourself Ascend @dagar? :slight_smile:


Sorry. Just saw the rest of your post.
What are you currently doing to become immortal?

Currently? Nothing lol since I got what I wanted and I just realized that I don’t qualify so sorry for wasting your time. Oh wait currently I’ the process of finding that lover so I have the correct motivation


Its all good lol. No harm done

I’m in!

I usually invest an hour to two hours daily to pure practice, with unlimited amount researching per day. Consists of a chakra exercise, exercise for hearing spirits, an astral projection technique, and center pillar (from NAP). Will also start some pure meditation, because it is something paramount and I need that.

As for evocation, I’m doing rituals at the moment that I can’t really disclose. I have been working with angels almost exclusively up till now (with some exceptions), and was researching everything I can on the Infernal Empire so I can take the plunge soon and supercharge my Ascent even more.

As for how my life has been with magick… I’ve been into different paradigms since around 12 or 13 years old. Tried a shitload of meh stuff, and here I am. Interestingly, I was terrified of demons until recently (even though I was working with spirits very actively… sometimes 8 rituals per day, lol), and then I slowly started researching them, and getting rid of all the programming I had about them.

Now, I don’t fear them, because there isn’t anything to fear.

Stupid stuff, all the christian programming…

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hey I’d like one of those.

What I’m currently doing.
Evocations (I can’t see spirits but can communicate)

Divinations (tarot) still learning
Spell casting
Using bija mantras for chakra clearing
Got a pact going, more to come.
Meditation(just clearing my thoughts for a few minutes)
Some nlp/psychological techniques to get rid of negative behaviour

Will this help me with spirit communication?
What entity is involved?
Should I evoke them myself during this or just leave them to it while I carry on with my ascent?

Thanks in advance


THATS what the fuck im talking about! Almost brought a tear to my eye…lol just playin.

PM me and we will start. Also, where do you feel the block is the most? Which chakra?

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Do you do vacuuming? My chakras could use a good vacuuming.


IAlso some chi gong exercises from hung Kune kung fu and tai chi


Lol @Iam_Incide you and @Laith_wavey showed up at the same time :joy:

I do not do vaccumming (because i never heard of the technique), but im going to have to go with @Laith_wavey since he was here just a split hair before you.

But after these i will do a seperate post for things such as vaccumming


Laith, this will help you with spirit communication. It will open your astral/mental senses to the spirits around you.

There are no specific entities involved, just the energetic currents of Darkness. Although i was thinking of calling on Marbas as he and i have a close connection.

You may evoke the spirits yourself if you wish, or you can just leave your Ascent to them. Me personally, i like to grab my Ascent by the throat and watch it happen up close like that lol. But really its up to you


Sounds perfect :ok_hand: thank you.


No problem man. I am starting on Fires clearing now and i will tag you on this same thread for your turn when I finish

Want me to lie down and meditate?


Lol i pmed you the instructions…this whole thing is through pm. Just to reduce the clutter and confusion on the thread

Keep us posted please . On what results were achived .

Yeah i am the accountant kind



@Laith_wavey its your turn.

In Mr T voice:
Are you Ready to Ascend, fool?


Hell yeah I been ready