Free astrological coaching and some readings

I am giving some free basic astrological coaching for those in need
This is for people who needs to:

  • Understand better the nature of some relationship
  • Understand better their life and their place in the world, so to speak

also I am offering some free moon readings (related to the way you handle your emotions) for people who knows their birth date, time, and place.
and I am also willing to shed some light over some specific issues for people who knows their birth details as well.

the last two readings might take a while so be patient.

just PM me

ohh and I am not reading full natal charts cause that is just tons and ton s of info


Can i get a reading?

of course, just PM me with the issue that is bothering and your birth details

Woops sorry i meant the astrologically coaching… i am tripping right now.

its ok, PM me likewise, are you feeling lost or is it a relationship issue?

Ya just feeling lost i suppose

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@Teodoro_Fortunato I would love a reading, should you have some more time to do so :raised_hands:t5:

I’m still re-reading your reading over and over and got way more than I expected! You really exposed me in this one, things I’ve hidden from my damn self all out in my face now not to be ignored anymore :woman_facepalming:t2: Thank you so much beloved, the spirits are loud with you :rofl: many thanks again for your time and assistance, you are so appreciated :black_heart:


Hey :slight_smile: are your proposals still on the table? I guess you’ve had a lot of demands. I would rather not send you a PM if it is no longer possible.

yes I still have time if you don’t care to wait a little :wink:

Is still possible but you will have to be patient

Thank you so much for your time and assistance. It was so insightful and accurate.
You gentle approach has helped me address the issues in my life. You have truly helped me gain better clarity of the circumstances in my Life. Thank you once again for your pearls of wisdom.

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Thank you for the reading you hit on many things that have happened and are happening and gave me some things to think about. Again thank you for the reading…

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I genuinely appreciate everything. The reading was spot on and touched on everything that’s going on with me right now. I appreciate the time and effort you put into doing this. :bouquet:

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Thank you very much for this highly detailed reading Teodoro! You have put a lot of work into it and I really appreciate it. :+1:

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Teodoro is a highly accurate reader and really helpful if you have questions. We, as a community, can be glad to have people like Teodoro who offer free readings. Keep the good work going :slight_smile:


@Teodoro_Fortunato ofcourse, no worries! Hit me up with a message when you have a chance :raised_hands:t5:

I would love a reading if you have time. Thanks!

I PM’d. Whenever you have a chance :slight_smile:

I am sorry, I am quite late with the last readings, I will try to answer the lasts requests as soon as I can.

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