Frater U.D

I was wondering if any here have an opinion on Frater U.D.? I know his works concerning evocation pale in comparison to techniques discussed here, but nonetheless I have heard things about him and am curious for the thoughts of others on the path.

Well if anything, he probably gave the best skeleton reference and summation of the Osman Spare method of sigilisation. I find that Osman Spare can be a headache to read (as well as Aleister Crowley) because he was just kinda too nuts to keep his topics in a practical-English form. But U.D. was able to cut the stuff down into something that folks could readily understand the practice from.

I like him and his work. If I may, where did you hear or read about his evocation techniques? I can’t find anything on that.

High magick II. toward the end he gives a rendition of demonic evocation. Rather extensive yet workable.

I think his published work is pretty solid. His essay Models of Magic has been something I turn curious inquirers to regularly.

Thanks guys.

Oh ok, I know of that. I thought you meant he wrote an entire book on the subject or something. My mistake.

understandable. the coverage of the subject in the book is cursory at best.

I really like the works of Frater U.D. I keep a number of his books in my personal go to reference section. Many people don’t like his works because they can be cryptic at times as he was, shall we say, eccentric. One thing that many people misunderstand about the great works of Chaos Magick is the fact that they aren’t written to be understood in a conventional sense but are written to make one think in a new way. That is what I always say about my own work in Chaos Magick, it is a mindset first, and practice second. Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. O.T.S.C. Ordo Templi Sacrosanctas Chaoticum

… Odd. This morning a Frater U D added me on facebook. Don’t know his work. Shall look into it probably have some of his work and don’t know about it

the english translations of his books show that he is a really good magician.

one of his ice war rivals wrote about the IOT schism. unfortunately, i have never heard the frater’s version of the story - the truth of any conflict never lies only on one side. personally, i think its just more magickal jerry springerism on both sides, so whatever.

I really like his writings. His money magick book was an interesting way of looking at the elements relating to finances. I also really enjoyed his High Magick series, and his book on sex magick. I think he is a very knowledgeable magician in the Western Ceremonial Tradition. And his anecdotes from practice are quite funny :slight_smile:

I’ve read his money magick book and liked that a lot, I took some useful notes from it and it sparked a few insights. Haven’t read any of his other stuff yet, but plan to at some point.

I think Frater UD (or V.D. in Germany) never wrote down his side but is very happy to tell it after 3 Beer.

As every “Chaos”-Magick-dudeof that time was looking for an undogmatig way that shows real world effects.
The schism started when he found it… in the form of “the Ice Lord” who seem tho practice a form of very Bodily Taoism and “Reality Mastering”.
Any way he braged about that in the IOT and some people got to see the Ice Lord and lern from him. He seem to be able to alter peoples Perception of the world or the world itself. (stoping 20 people from moving at all, "creating an tropical island in German woods, desintegrating the psyche of a person and making him into an mental tomato)
After that it all became “I-am-King-of-this-molehill” up to the (in)famous IOT meeting and the beginning of Ice-War.
The Ice War created the saying "In the OTO they take Drugs, In the FS the intrigue and in the IOT they Die."
I heard the story that the Ice Lord just did one gesture to kill some IOT members mid ritual (against him an UD) and i trust my source.
And then you know some people die and sudenly they are not your frends anymore.
After the whole shit had blown over UD tryed to recreate his magick and well there he stops telling the story. I guess he had a falling out with the Ice lord and is stuck in the early stages of his way but here i would start guessing.

Final words: I like his works and can say he knows his stuff.
But his books “School of high magick” is just a cut down course he offert till it didn’t sell anymore.

(If my english is as bad as i think it is… Sorry)