Four Princes

I was just watching E.A.'s video on the demonic hierarchy.

In it I’m pretty sure he named the four crowned princes as Lucifer, Bell, Satan, and Leviathan.

But in the list of kings he also listed Belial.

So I’m a bit confused, is Belial both one of the four princes and one of the nine kings?

Depend which system you’re using - in this case, it’s Belial.

LaVey utilized the symbolism of the Four Crown Princes of Hell in The Satanic Bible , with each chapter of the book being named after each Prince.

  • Satan “Lord of the Inferno”:
  • Lucifer “The Morning Star”
  • Belial “Without a Master”
  • Leviathan “Serpent of the Abyss”


A few daemons names are reused in more than one system. Different people wrote them, is the difference.
Not all that have the same name are the same entity. It’s the same Belial here though, I do believe.

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Thanks! That makes more sense.

Also another thing I found interesting about the vide, E.A. seemed to say that its not always a good idea to evoke any of the princes, because they’re more adversarial and don’t appreciate getting evoked. But I’ve not had that experience at all with Lucifer, and I know many others here who have also had positive experiences with Lucifer. I’m not sure why he might say that though.

Ah, yeah I didn’t take it that way. I heard: “they show up and say ‘who are you and why did you call me’ not ‘what is thy will, my master’, I Dream of Jeanie style.”

I think he meant, be prepared that they have minds of their own, can be opinionated and will not hesitate to challenge you, and will generally be co-creative rather than subservient.

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Ah, good point. Lucifer is certainly that way, as is Belial.

Thanks for your clarification :smiley: It helps.