Four FREE workings

Alrighty BALGERS. I am basically offering 4 workings for absolutely free, kinda. Basically, you’re going to be guinea pigs for a new system of glyphs.
So, I created my own half real half code language and its own system of glyph/characters. Fora sampling, you can see my thread on Satan, the invocation sung is in thislanguage.
I was contemplating runes and such, had the idea to replicate something of that sort with the language I already had. I constructed a world model, and assigned letters to each of the three worlds. Heaven, earth, and hell. Each world contains six consonants. In order to “communicate” with each other, there are vowel sounds in between the worlds that represent the flow of Light between them. So when wanting to use letters from heaven to earth, you use certain vowels in between to allow for the words of powers to be spoken.
In my language, there are 12 vowel sounds. Four vowels have the same accent marks, which makes 3 groups of four vowels. One group is set inbetween each world.however, as my familiar noted, the model was unbalanced. It looked like a triangle on one of its points. To balance it, I took the “Y” letter and created a fourth “shell” on the opposite side of Earth. Y can be a vowel or consonant, so it represents the balance and chaos of the Abyss or void from which everything derives. To give y’all a visual of what the fuck I’m talking about;

Anyway, I’m not going to go into detail about the meanings of the various letters. But I’ll give you a run down of how this set up ties in with actual praxis. Everything starts in “Y”, the sphere on the far left. It gives it supplies the Vital Force of existence to “V”, which becomes the first start of life. This Force becomes heavenly Light and is sent down through the letters. Through the Vowels (Á etc) it comes down to the terrestrial sphere, into M. M is the receiver of the Divine Light and it’s manifestation on earth. M is the twin to N, who is the letter that distributes the Light to the world. The Light becomes transformed and when it reaches Z, it is corrupted gr8 early sin. Now the Light descends into Hell where it becomes Fire. D receives the Light and the Light gets down to F, which renews the Fire and cleanses it of past imprints. The Fire travels through B back to Heaven and the cycle repeats. So essentially, the system manipulates the Vital energy of the universe through its manifestation in the worlds as letters. Hope that makes sense ! Well anyway, the way these are worked is that you choose letters corresponding to your desire. If the desire is worked across multiple worlds, you use vowels between them to enable the flow of energy. Keep in mind that should multiple letters of the same world need to be used, Y can be used to intercede between them. The result is a word of power. From this word of power, you take the glyphs of the letters and construct a sigil. This sigil can used in many ways, inclusion in powders or other or products, smoked on a cigarette, burned, drawn on fruit and left to rot, made into a talisman etc.
Anyway, now that I’ve given your a run down of this system, any takers?


Cool I want this

Alright, PM with your request.

This sounds cool as fuck.
I’m in.

I agree with Musta. I’m in as well.

i want in as well please

All the slots have been filled. If you haven’t already sent me a pm with your request, do so soon.